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Princess of Chaos

"Feel like stirring up a little trouble?"

    Y'know, I don't mean to toot my own horn, but you guys really do go on about how I draw draconequii. I get a lot of praise about how I draw Pandora and Discord (and I do really appreciate it). But the honest truth is I draw them that way cuz Discord's in show model is so noodley and boneless it hurts my head to think about, let alone draw. I am absolute crap at drawing Discord on model, his snout is so wonky and goofy urrrgh. Where the hell are his chest muscles? Where are his ribs?? Is he a snake?? So that's why I tend to lean toward Disney-ish style dragon-horses when I draw draconequii.

    This is my attempt at drawing Pandora more so in the MLP: Fim aesthetic, tried to make her look like she could really appear in the show. I was told once that her design looked like Discord in a bad wig, so I tried to move away from Discord's wonkyness and move toward a cutie-pie little pony aesthetic, make her look more like Twilight. Also I caved in and gave her Discord's stubby legs and wings (i cannot honestly imagine Discord can naturally walk or fly on those teeny things) and big goofy ears. It's more of a style experiment than a permanent change

Oh and she's got a bomb, gonna throw it at you maybe
the bombs need a name. Fizzy whizbangs? Panny-bombs? Chaos kabooms?

I'm probably not gonna consistently draw her this way( hell I forget to draw her horns and wings half the time), I just wanted a reference for what she should look like.

Bonus: Official size comparison with Discord (because I keep drawing her waaaay too big)
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for her formal title how about "Princess of Entropy"

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Kind of an obvious pun, but ...

Pan Grenades?

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Fizzy Whizbangs, definitely.
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The bomb reminds me of Luna P
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yes, i do want to stir up trouble. fox tail wags* PLEASECANIMAKECHAOSWITHU?!
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I like seeing the two side by side like you have in the description
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I love your Character Pandora.
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The bombs face reminds me of the pokemon Hoopa XD
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Fizzy whizbangs is the best bomb name
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I love your art styles. I just wish I could get my Adobe Illustrator program to draw like that. I mean, I need the skill myself of course.
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I also did a daughter of Twi and Discordia <3:D (Big Grin) 
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I'm serious.  That stuff is impossible to clean out.
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Noodlebeast overload
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permission to use this for look for a pink eyes oc (i wont post it any just wanna use it in my brain bubbles)
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