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Party Mode Unleashed



Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! I'm gonna throw the whole world a party! You're all invited!

it's generally not a good idea to let Cupcake (or Beefcake) consume too much sugar and/or caffeine
because the resulting sugar rush unlocks Cupcake's crazed, hyperactive Party Mode
 During this hellish sugar rush she'll feel compelled to zip all around town with a manic, crazed urge to make friends, burst into song, and frantically decorate places and unsuspecting ponies with balloons, streamers, and confetti. It'll last roughly an hour until Cupcake eventually blacks out. She'll wake up groggy and with no memory of the sugar rush. This is why Cupcake is careful with her sweets consumption.

She's gonna throw the whole world a party
Pandora is trying very hard not to pee herself, such is her terror

this is answering a pretty common ask over on my tumblr, "What does Beefcake's party mode look like"
the words "unsettling horse weird al yankovic hair" come to mind
imagine Nathan Explosion singing Pinkie Pie's "Smile Smile Smile" song...and that would be Beefcake's party mode
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O my gosh, so Cupcake has Pinkie Pie's skill in THAT WAY. Poor Pandora XD