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"Hey, Cupcake. Bet you ten bits you can't slam back this Sugarbomb Espresso."

"How many cups of it have you had, boss? Your paws are shaking."

"Don't worry about that. C'mon, driiiink it. Just one itty bitty cup...Unless you're chicken?"

"Oh please, Pandora, it's just a little sugar and caffeine." As if to demonstrate, Cupcake calmly took a sip from the tiny cup. She frowned a bit more than usual. "Bleh. A lot of sugar and caffeine. You're already jittery by nature, but I'm-...". Cupcake seemed to shudder to a stop. The cup wobbled in her hoof.

"...Cupcake? You kinda trailed off there." Pandora worriedly reached out a paw.

    All at once, Cupcake was enveloped in a blinding surge of pink electricity. Her mane seemed to inflate and explode into a mess of curls, her pupils shrank to the size of pinpricks, and she broke into the biggest, broadest smile Pandora had ever seen on anypony, let alone on her normally dour friend.

It was terrifying.

"...Cuppy?" Pandora felt her hair stand on end when wild pink eyes locked with her own.

"Hi, I'm Cupcake! Do you like parties?"


    Cupcake has an unlockable "party mode" that kicks in if she takes in too much sugar or caffeine. During this hellish sugar rush she'll feel compelled to zip all around town with a manic, crazed urge to make friends, burst into song, and frantically decorate places and unsuspecting ponies with balloons, streamers, and confetti. It'll last roughly an hour until Cupcake eventually blacks out. She'll wake up groggy and with no memory of the sugar rush. This is why Cupcake is careful with her sweets consumption.

with her hair like this it's more obvious who her dad is lol
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Look at the way that lightning falls around her... Cupcake has access to the Speed Force!

I guess that's what two Pinkie Pie-type parents will get ya.