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On Electromagneticism and Elixirs

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i know i haven't been very active here lately so i decided to stop hoarding my stuff on patreon and POST SOMETHING HERE ALREADY

1-2.) So basically Midnight Abyss, (a greyromantic asexual), eventually becomes curious over the elusive concept called "love". What is romantic love? What does it feel like? How does it differ from platonic and familial love? Why does it make ponies so dopey? Apparently love is incredibly powerful, as Queen Chrysalis once used it to overpower Celestia herself.......so Midnight sets out to unlock the mysteries of love, synthesize it into potion form, and harness its potent power for herself.

However she does need a romantic partner, for research purposes. She picks her the pony closest to her in age and general proximity, her co-worker, PB Sandwich. PB is made 100% aware of Midnight's intentions and agrees anyway, because what's so wrong with wanting to understand love? He's down to help her in her experiments. When Peebs teasingly asks what cutesy "boyfriend" pet name Midnight shall bestow upon him, Midnight dryly answers "....guinea pig", because, well, he is one.

So they begin their relationship as platonic....date.....acquaintances. Midnight isn't really feeling PB's romantic overtures or even grasping the point of them, but his company and endless chatter aren't......entirely unwelcome. She supposes. Between working at the bakery together and receiving PB's assistance with her fruitless research, Midnight find herself liking the guy okay. He's decent. He's not annoying sometimes. He's.....sweet. In any case, she hasn't yet found a reason to use the voodoo doll she made of him. Yet.

Over time, they end up forming a rather close friendship, bonding over baking and feeling a bit suffocated/pigeonholed by their coddling/controlling mothers (Starlight Glimmer and Pinkie Pie, respectively). Both feel constantly undermined by their well-meaning-but-pushy parents, and both often feel selfish for not being the pony their mothers believe them to be. Midnight kinda likes having someone around who doesn't mind her unusual (ethically dubious/possibly illegal) hobbies, and while PB can talk a LOT, sometimes he's content to sit with her in perfectly amicable silence. It's....nice. Midnight's experiments on love are proving inconclusive or outright explosive, so taking a break from poisonous cauldrons to hang out with Peebs at the park is an increasingly welcome breath of fresh air. For these scant afternoons, Midnight can forget her pushy mothers and frustrating, confusing research notes and just focus on the spring breeze, on the delightful new species of mushroom growing under damp rocks, on the feeling of PB's hand tugging at hers.

It's all so easy. Midnight visits PB when he's sick and dramatically convinced he's dying.....She arrives bearing a pot of honey tea and assuring him that while he's definitely going to die someday, it fortunately won't be today. PB finds himself remembering to pack a parasol for their picnics together, because his silly friend's insistence on stifling goth fashion, while perfectly pretty, doesn't really bode well in the summer heat. Work at Sugarcube Corner feels like less of a chore when PB's there to share Midnight's shift. When the idiot falls asleep in Midnight's study, she sets aside her notes on love and goes to grab him a blanket. When he whimpers at a presumed nightmare, Midnight finds herself stroking at the clown's curly hair, until his face is peaceful again. When he tiredly peeks open an eye, confused, Midnight freezes, caught in the act- but Peebs only gives her a sleepy smile, before closing his eyes again. PB Sandwich trusts her, Midnight shakily concludes. She's a witch armed with nearly every toxin, curse, and hex ever conceived of....and he trusts her. Why? And why does that make her feel so....funny inside?

.....What is this vile fuzzy warmth? What are these.....these heart palpitations?? Is she blushing??? Sweet Mother Persephone, has Midnight been cursed? Is she dying???

PB wakes up to find Midnight frantically drawing wards in salt and casting counter-curses, rifling through spell books, gulping a mug of antidote trying to purge these awful, unpleasant feelings.....and PB can only laugh and explain that Midnight isn't dying. She just has a crush, that's all. It's okay, PB says he has one too-

Midnight is of course sickened and denies everything because how can she- Midnight Abyss, Mistress of the Occult- have something as mundane and gross and dumb as a crush? PB shrugs and says if she ignores it, it'll probably go away.....and it'll go away faster if they stop spending so much time together. He doesn't mind if she doesn't. Maybe she could find a new research partner, start over with her experiments......

....Is it her, or is PB's smile duller than normal?

Midnight doesn't like it. Not his fake attempt at sounding casual, not the way his shoulders are sagging.....and she most certainly doesn't like the idea of spending less time with this silly Sandwich boy. Impulsive for the first time in her life, she grabs his dumb freckled face and says that maybe he isn't a guinea pig anymore, but......that doesn't mean he can't be her guinea pig.

There's a pause.....Midnight realizes, with rapid mortification, that that was maybe the dumbest, cheesiest thing she's ever said in her life, and she actually wouldn't mind sticking her head in a vat of acid right now. But all of a sudden, PB is BEAMING, brighter than anything Midnight's ever seen before, and she's being scooped up and spun in a circle and hugged, and then PB is clasping her hands and saying horrifically cheesy sentiments of his own, things that make Midnight both cringe and send her heart into that annoying flutter-frenzy all over again. Father Grogar help her.

So they end up dating for real, because Midnight's notes on love are still inconclusive.....further research is clearly needed. That's Midnight's story and she's sticking to it.

3.) oh look an actual guinea pig. They named him Edgar (Allen Piggie). Edgar is rightly loved by his "parents" and both Midnight and PB make him miniature "pies", "cakes", and other treats for him (all made entirely out of hay, fruits, and vegetables)

more on these two:


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The "kawaii" shirt!! :D

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eeeeeeeeee i love guinea pigs!

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I always love and get a kick out of the last panel with their beloved son, Edgar XD

This ship is my favorite

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oh my god piggie! So cute <3

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I love this so much, I missed Midnight content :')

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so is smokescreen still in the equation or has that been retconned?

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Edgar Allan Piggie..

bwhahahahaha! it's hylarious!

And.. I am very happy to follow you, watching how you draw inspires me to improve

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PB went and got himself a lovely goth gf

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This is so sweet!! 😭
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I'm sure someone's already done this, but:

'Pull the lever, PB!'


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How did you—
How did you get my guinea pig, Hush Puppy—
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Oh god if those two got married it'd be Morticia and Gomez all over again 8D

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Now I'm just imagining if the growth serum worked, Those two walking a dog sized guinea pig around on a leash : D

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I love all your ships, but this just the cutest!!!:love:

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These two are so adorable.

I'll never tire of "Little Miss Darkness" and "The Cinnamon Roll Made of Sunshine."

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Yagami Yato needs to use Guinea Pig as a potential nickname bc THATS SO CUTE
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fuuuuccckkkkk this is the fluffiest and most comfortable ship and story and i love it

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You truly have a talent of making be love your ships Lop, how could you do this to me XD

They're just so cute! And I think them being together will help them both accept that they may never be what their mothers want, but that's OK <3 And aybe even talk to them about it all?? If that happens, I'd love to see how you do it ^^

Also, I could totally see Midnight being all 'totally not' flustered and giving him some scary little statue or charm she made to proect him from ghosts and gouls and him just beaming and carrying/wearing it everywhere!

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Goth Girlfriend x Pastel Boyfriend are a power couple.

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welp, guess this is my OTP now

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I was worried you completely left DA and I couldn't find anything you posted about it and I've been freaking out! I'm glad your okay :D

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...And they ruled the world together. The End.

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