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a collection of various scraps and bits of concept art i thought y'all might like

1.) considered a gag where Pandora's beloved pet hen, Henrietta, is actually a monstrous cockatrice. Cockatrices can mask their appearance via magic, but Henny just can't seem to help screwing with her owner. Pan, you see, is badly far-sighted (just like Twilight), and needs her reading glasses to view things up close. But being the vain noodle she is tho, she won't wear them unless absolutely necessary, so Henny can get away with a lot of magic shenanigans right under her owner's nose

2.) An old doodle of Princess Cadence. In the MLP Friends Forever comics, Cadence is shown fretting over her seemingly redundant role as a princess....after all, she doesn't seem to have as important a role as Celestia, Luna, or Twilight. In the comic, she grapples with the idea that she's just a pretty figurehead with no real purpose, beyond being a living battery that powers the crystal heart. She grows so depressed that the Crystal Heart begins to lose power, placing the Empire in danger of being consumed by the blizzard that rages outside the Heart's weakening shield. Twilight and Shining Armor eventually cheer Cadence up, but curiously, none of the crystal ponies object when Cadence publicly despairs about how unneeded she is....making me wonder if Cadence's fears were perhaps a little bit true? What if she is just a pretty face tasked with protecting an Empire that barely needs her? What if she really is just there to power the crystal heart? Idk, food for thought, but I wonder if Cadence would still struggle with feeling insecure and lost as a princess.

3.) old, oooooooold abandoned painting, i think? Sassy Magnolia May is sassy. The story was that Magnolia invited her rival Belle Velour over for a drink at Sweet Apple Acres in at peak summertime heat, fully knowing that her rival is so committed to their goth aesthetic that they would fucking die for it


We’re on a prickly path that goes on for miles

But it’s worth it just to see you smile

And I cannot

Be pulled apart

From the hold you have on my heart,

And even if the world tells us it’s wrong,

You’re in my head like a catchy song~

Magnolia May and Glitzi Glamour, back in the good old days when they got along and wrote sappy love songs. I'll probably explore their friendship/relationship/catty rivalry in full at some point

5.) expression practice with Skyla and Pandora. Pan, get ur stupid noodley nose out of ur cousin's business

6.) potential design for adult Prima Donna (daughter of Sweetie Belle). She's maybe 20 years old here, with full celebrity pop rock star status achieved. She's still really melodramatic and Truffles is still her best friend/something more, maybe? Although her face seems to be set to permanent condescending sneer, she's incredibly kind and sweet and will always help anypony in need~

7.) updated design for Discord's mother, Demeter~ (her old design is here)

8.) "Business Tactics", a test comic featuring a friendly chat between Jam Sandwich and the eternal thorn in her side, the very rich, very distinguished, and very powerful Mister Filthy Rich, of Ponyville fame. There's an ongoing turf war between them, and it's one that Jam is very determined to win.

also, hi Smoky. Smokescreen works as a intelligence agent for the Equestrian government, but he's also on Jam's payroll more often than not. Ever since Jam figured out Smoky's unsavory secret day job, she's brought him on as a spy/bit of muscle/bodyguard. Jam is super thrilled about having her very own goon. Smoky is less thrilled about the arrangement, but he's well compensated, and it didn't exactly take much convincing to rope him into terrorizing Filthy Rich. After all, Barnyard Bargains could put Sugarcube Corner and BonBon's candy shop out of business, and then where would Smoky get his precious sweets? Barnyard Bargains?? Sorry Fil but u gotta die

(ps. they're not out to actually kill Filthy. Although if a certain old businesspony were to accidentally be terrified into having a heart attack, Jam wouldn't exactly complain....)


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It sucks having to reconcile this Filthy Rich with the Filthy who gave Hayseed a chance by seeing the potential he had past his outward appearance.

But as I imagine Jam would say "That's the way the cookie crumbles."

Nautilus18's avatar

I wish I had my own personal SCP to sick on my enemies like Jam.

hellobobo's avatar

I don't know how to feel about that last one, on one hand, it's awesome and nice to have a friend to back you up, on the other, I'm very sure this is illegal and I'm not sure how it help with pony and non-ponies relations.

RinitheDamned's avatar

This is all 100% win

And I couldn't honestly tell if it was Peebs or Jam here, but now I know.

Great work for doodles.

samawolf's avatar

So funny enough, your first pic of Discords mom is what brought me to you! I spent I think about 2 years looking for her artist as it was reposted on pintrest and didn't lead me anywhere near you until you started getting much more popular!

Nice Job I Love Demeter's Design What Is Her Husband's Name

Axewolfmay's avatar

I just cant get over your art and creativity for these characters, I stg I get so inspired to create everytime you post! Also I was curious and wanted to ask, would it be okay with you if I made some fanart of an AU/HC (could be either) where Demetre met Discord's little family? I'd really like to if thats alright!

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Putting the burden of responsibility on the consumer is absurd, and proven to be laughably ineffective. People will knowingly purchase goods made from slave labor, if it means the goods are cheaper than an alternative supplier. Chocolate and smartphones and countless other goods are directly created through slave labor and worker exploitation. This is why regulation is necessary, because unchecked capitalism will always seek to provide the cheapest goods for maximum profit, ethics be damned- and consumers will buy. Filthy Rich would have utilized typical exploitative business practices to undercut the prices of local businesses, crushing them.

Secondly, I don’t know why you feel the need to lecture me? Do you think this comic, which doesn’t even clearly frame Jam as the “good guy” in this scenario- is me truly advocating the threatening of real life business people? I’m sorry, but you’re being incredibly condescending. I am not interested in this conversation, where you feel the need to leap to the defense of a fictional capitalist horse, and real life capitalists, whom I can assure you do not remotely care about you.

nlinzer's avatar
Your right. I was wrong and condescending and I'm sorry.
Lopoddity's avatar

Thanks, I appreciate the apology.

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pfft, Pandora is just what i need to lift up my day. also i could see since Pandora needs glasses and how some folks do that thing where they move an item forwards and back to look at it better, Imagine Henrietta shifting her appearence back and forth from Monster to floofy chicken X3

also also that redesign made me go "oh god.." in a startled kind of way as its been a while since we've seen her lol.

i hope your doing well and hopefully this coming summer you keep cool ^_^

Lopoddity's avatar

Ha! I love this. Thank you for your kind comment. :)

CountSnowy's avatar

Daww no problem ^_^

ToastyBrain's avatar

I had to do a double take. Adult Prima looks so much like her aunty Rarity.

CountSnowy's avatar

omg thats what i thought :D

AppleRockfan1996's avatar
Pleaseeee I want to know more about Glitzi and Magnolia. Gahhh,the cuteness
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dammit Lop u know what these dumps do to me,,, I have THOUGHTS

- Okay, I LOVE your design for Cadance here. To say nothing of that glorious hairdo, the little things you do with your headcanon designs just amaze me?? The two little heart markings on Cady's face? The little heart in her ears, and the heart-spots on her back? Really commits to the theme without being overbearing and I love it

- Having not read most of the comics (aside from the train wreck that were Scoots' parents), this was an interesting bit I didn't know about! While I can definitely see how Cady might feel irrelevant at times, I feel like as she grew older she'd kind of... idk, not stop caring, exactly, but realize it doesn't matter as much as she thought it did? Not to say that people can't be sad or dissatisfied with their lives even as they grow content with their fate or whatever, but Cadance does seem pretty happy and well-adjusted so far in your future-verse, and I kind of love it!

Beyond just my personal preference though, it seems fitting for her to be content because I imagine at some point, she'd realize that it really doesn't matter if she's 'just' a figurehead or 'just' a living battery, because her whole thing -- her cutie mark, destiny, literally what makes her the most happy and gives her a sense of purpose regardless of if she's wearing a crown when she does it or not -- is finding/helping out with love! Yeah, it would kind of suck to be blown off as an unnecessary royal, but as Cadance realizes one morning when Shining and their most recent poly addition bring her breakfast in bed and then lay out plans for a date and a movie night with the girls later... does it really matter what her image is for? If it's just an image, or if it has purpose? There are things she's done that have been impactful -- saving the Crystal Empire, for one. But as she bites into an only slightly-burned blueberry pancake and cuddles her partners, well... who cares about politics? She's surrounded by love, by people she loves and who love her, by a life that (for the most part) she's pretty damn happy with.

If she's just a figurehead, fine. She can be more, and Celestia, Twi, and Luna all know that, too. Sometimes she's called in to help with something actually important; in the meantime, there's nothing wrong with allowing herself a slice of happiness in her own little corner of the world.

- Buuuuuut.... Cadance feeling put off by a lack of actual royal duty does provide a pretty solid kicking-off point for a certain other alicorn princess to realize some same issues, if you needed a reason for Flurry to abscond in the first place, wink wink.

- Dammit. Goddammit, Lop. Fuck. You really gotta stop making me sweat literally every time I look at Maggie. Dammit. This is SUCH a good painting wtf??? I. Ngh ????

- Magnolia and Glitz backstory... I need it

- If I saw Prima Donna in real life I'd cry, fall down, and then cry again when she offered me a hand up, and I wouldn't be able to tell you why. I LOVE HER

- Also, as always, your dynamic poses slaughter me. They're so impressive!!! The comic really shows off how good you are with anatomy, go OFF

something I noticed Lop didn't do anything about celestia's fear of chickens after the Between dark and dawn episode

HavenMoonlight's avatar

It's so nice to see Prima Donna again!

EeveelutionLova's avatar

Pandora being a noodle. :3

CountSnowy's avatar

my personally fav side of pandora tbh ^_^

freeway3's avatar

I need more cutthroat Jam in my life

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