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Oddball Again



Guess who's back
Odd is back: Oddball the draconequus by Lopoddity
And his story's been changed a lot

SO. After much frantic overthinking careful consideration, I decided to retcon the sad future story arc of the Pandoraverse, where a thousand years have passed and mostly everypony is dead and Pandora has taken up the mantle as the new goddess of chaos, and had a son, Oddball, by an unknown father. No clue what I'm talking about? Look here: 1000 years

I'm dropping that story arc because, yeah...it's bleak and miserable and there's not much story to tell, with most of the mane cast being dead at that point. Retconned out of existence!

As of now, Oddball is officially the son of Pandora and Cupcake. He is born in the story's main timeline. His egg was created by magic-namely, Pandora woke up one morning with a basketball sized egg in the bed. Cue screaming.

So here we have:

1.)Oddball's egg
2.)Momma Cupcake and her wee little Oddy. She loves her weird little magic babbu and will destroy anyone who messes with him.

3.)"So you see, mother, if we divide a circle's circumference by its diameter, we are left with the irrational number pi, expressed as 3.141592653589793238462643-"

"Oddball, oh my god, I only asked what flavor of pie you wanted for dessert."

4.)Toddler Oddball's first word. Cupcake is probably about to smile a biiiig dorky smile right now

5.)Oddball doesn't really "get" jokes, or sarcasm, most of the time. He is very intelligent, for a child, but fails to pick up on most social cues, and is altogether pretty shy and awkward. Sweet kid though. Pandora, stop nom-nomming his paws. He needs them to walk.

Answering preemptive questions:

-Does this mean Pandora/Cupcake is canon?

-What about Snickerdoodle?
She's still canon, existing in Paradox's universe. She and Oddball have actually met

-Why are Oddball's colors different?
Because he's been retconned into being Cupcake's son and his color palette now reflects that
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He’s autistic and i love him (In my mind snickerdoodle is pancake’s second kiddo)