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"I'm tired of being a freak!"

His daughter's words echoed dully in Discord's ears. Reeling with hurt, the lord of chaos took a step back.

"...Freak?" He repeated numbly. Pandora pointedly avoided his gaze. "Pandora? Is that what you think? That we are...freaks?"

"I'm sorry, Dad." Pandora wiped at her face with a clumsy paw. "I just...I just want to be normal. Please understand. Becoming a princess means giving up chaos, but...if that's what it takes to win Equestria's respect-"

"It won't work, Panny." Discord's voice held a strange, tired sadness.

Pandora faltered, looking unsure. "Skyla says it will...and I can't let down Mom, we've worked too hard for this. I have to try, Dad." She finally met his eyes. "Won't you come to my coronation? Please?"

Discord closed his eyes and sighed, and in that moment, Pandora thought how strange it was, that her father suddenly looked so very much older. In a heartbeat though, he was looking at her with his familiar, kooky expression, with a grin that didn't quite reach his eyes.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world, my dear."


i tried to draw cute, but drama happened instead whoops

Teenage Pan and Discord some time before Pan's coronation as a princess. Pan decides in her midteens to train to be a princess to gain the same sort of love and respect from Equestria that her mother Twilight seemed to have. Skyla and Twilight train her in the ways of being a princess (and Cupcake leaves to train to be her royal guard). Discord didn't quite approve, and saw it as a betrayal. He knows his daughter's effort will fail (and Pan's coronation night does indeed go sour) but he supports her anyway, if reluctantly.

background borrowed from here: Twilight Sparkle's Bedroom BG 35
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Que tiempos, historias con corazón!!!