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"Of course you can wear a dress, honey. Heck, I'll buy out Rarity's entire Spring Filly catalogue, if you want. You'll need more than one pretty outfit to perform in, right?" Sweetie Belle winked, and Bel Canto gave a meek, squeaky laugh back, before burrowing his head against her shoulder with a relieved sniffle. Sweetie's hooves came up to rock her child comfortingly.

"...I don't know if I understand everything you need, but...well, I can learn, right? Maybe we can learn together." Sweetie stroked gently at Bel's soft mane. "All I want is for you to be happy, honey. And if you wanna be a filly, then that's what you'll be."

Perfect by Lopoddity
Prima Donna, daughter of celebrity singer Sweetie Belle and Rumble, glam rock singer-songwriter prodigy, was designated male at birth. She began her life as a shy, quiet little colt named Bel Canto ("Beautiful Singing"), before later transitioning into her new gender identity, the more confident Prima Donna. Depicted here is an incident where Sweetie catches Bel Canto with a dress he'd snuck out of Rarity's boutique (he was going to return it, honest, he just wanted to try it on once). The poor colt is terrified at being caught and ends up spilling everything, from how he'd been experimenting with Sweetie's make-up when she was away, to how badly he feels that he is not a colt at all, but rather a filly. Sweetie Belle is a lot less upset about the "borrowed" dress and a lot more upset at the fact that her foal has been keeping all of this secret, to his apparent great distress and shame. She scoops poor sniffling Bel up in a heartbeat, and Bel's fears dissipate away against the might of warm safe mama hugs. And that's how Prima Donna was born.

I'd always conceived Prima Donna as a trans girl, but I was hesitant and unsure how to go about it story-wise without writing unnecessary melodrama. Eh. Prima Donna is a proud glam rock child superstar, and her family has given her nothing but love, support, and respect. It was her cousin Magnolia May that first gladly showed her how to do her make-up, which Magnolia soon regretted, cuz hot dang does Prima like to glob on that eye shadow (cuz it looks punk rock, duh)

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I'm taking vocal class at my school and our choir's name is Bel Canto, lol what a coincidence!
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Such a Pretty Filly I wish to Hug
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How is Prima Donna doing by the way, haven't seen her in a while.

And I am interested in what an adult Donna looks like like.
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What would be a real life song that sounds like something Prima Donna would write/sing?
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why does your trans character have to have a deadname? thats not really ... relevant. 
always refer to trans characters as their current preferred identities even when talking about the past. it's not like they're a different person now, they've always been what they tell you to call them, they just didn't know at the time
Lopoddity's avatar
That’s a nice sentiment, but I don’t think it would make sense narratively. This character was only just beginning to figure herself out, she certainly hadn’t picked a name out for herself yet. It wouldn’t make sense for her to be addressed as her new name at this point in time. 

Rest assured, she’ll never be referred to by her deadname.
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it doesn't matter what name and gender they were given at birth; what matters is the now. as an actual trans person i feel like i have merit on this topic-- i wouldn't want someone to refer to my younger self with my deadname and old pronouns. i wasn't ever those things- and so i shouldn't be referred to that way. same goes with characters! names and given genders are like gifts. you realize it doesn't fit, so you throw them out and forget about them until the end of time. they weren't ever you. 

that's all. it's your choice to listen or not i guess, but you know
Lopoddity's avatar
Again, that's a really lovely sentiment, and I appreciate the perspective, but I think in this instance, that would confuse the reader. The true name can't be used if it doesn't exist yet.

Going forward, I will be sure not to use deadnames in character backstories.
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true name can always be used when retelling a story of someone's past since it's literally a story you get to control but alright 
Lopoddity's avatar
Sorry, what do you want from me? I used a deadname in this piece, that was my mistake. But changing this specific scene would make it nonsensical. To truly alter the context, I would need to redraw this scene entirely and write a new story. Something that would a good deal of my time.....and it's not like I get paid for this content.

So. I pledged to keep your words in mind moving forward, and be mindful not to make the same mistake. That's about all I can do, so I'd really appreciate it if you could drop the passive-aggressive attitude. It's not necessary.
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yeah you dont owe anyone anything
thanks for listening at all actually tsk
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Hey as an also trans person, in the context of writing a story where a character discovers their true self, it Does make sense to include their past self. We were all something before we were our true selves. Personally, I also wouldn't like someone to refer to my past self as my deadname, but also at the same time I understand context is important for a lot of things. My court documents (I'm in the foster system due to drug addicted abusive parents} uses my deadname to set the baseline, i.e. "{blank} is a transgender youth that goes by Michael, and will be referred to as such for the rest of this document." Sometimes it's important to establish things like deadnames or past mistakes or even former favorite colors to set the scene and set up a well rounded fully faceted character. I know this thread has been dead since 2019 but I thought it was important to let the op of the art know that I liked how they wrote this character, and I find it extremely sweet and heartwarming.

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*sweetie bell kicks down rarity's door* FUCKING. GIVE. ME. DRESSES. FOR. MY. DAUGHTER.
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Rarity: Sweet Celestia?! Dresses?! For who?! Daughter?! You have a DAUGHTER!
*Summons couch to faint onto*
BattyBluthers13's avatar
Sweetie Belle: .....Okay rarity so you're gonna have to chill the fuck out-
nicokokun's avatar
*Rarity stops pretending fainting*
BattyBluthers13's avatar
Sweetie Belle: ..Rarity please- calm down- besides.. already have met her-
nicokokun's avatar
Rarity: Preposterous! Never have I ever heard such a lie being said, to my face too! Well, whatever! What's her name then? Oh I can't wait to get my hooves on those chubby cheeks of hers!
BattyBluthers13's avatar
Oof I think we've left a good enough print on this post and I feel a lil worried about continuing it in public. since we're kindaaa spamminngggg? on this artist's well meaning picturreeee. maybe we should take this to notes now ;w; 
nicokokun's avatar
Hahaha you're right!
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Im Trans Male, and this made me so incredibly happy. I love your art and this only makes me love it more <33 Cant wait to see more of Prima Donna!!
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You say that like it's a bad thing-
BerrymeadowBlitz's avatar
im not saying its a bad thing,srry if it sounded that way
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