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 Sometime in the future, Henrietta, Pandora's beloved pet chicken, somehow manages to conceive a batch of eggs with the love of her birdie life, Pearlie the sea hawk. This comes to the complete bewilderment of the bird's owners, Pan and Bruce, as both birds are female...and different species of birds. Pan eventually chalked this up to her chicken being exposed to likely insane levels of chaos magic while in her ownership. She and Oddball make a little project of it, monitoring the development of the little magic chicken-hawk hybrid eggs...She shows little curious Odd how to see the chick developing inside each egg with candlelight, and each day they watch the unborn chicks grow...

When the hatching finally begins, little Odd is ready with a notebook and quill to record absolutely everything. But as the mother/son pair watch the little fluffy babies peek out of their shells, Odd forgets the notebook entirely and watches in awe at the arrival of new life...

Pan is currently getting nostalgic feels remembering having watched in wonder with Cupcake as her own baby Oddy hatched, some time ago. She's about to sweep her mini noodle babbu up for obscene levels of snuggling

that one tiny chick near Oddball will become his pet. He names it Galileo

yet another headcanon submitted by :iconroboheather:, I can't resist Pan and Odd mummy/son bonding
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Science goes completely out the window when cuteness is involved.