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My Little Human

i attempted to do my interpretation of human mane six

Applejack is totally stacked and built like a pick up truck, in that she could probably pick up a truck

is a tiny chubster with endless energy and endless stomach capacity for sweets
before anyone asks her shirt acronym stands for "F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for u and me..."

Rainbow Dash is the second shortest of her friends and probably has a height complex but we'll ignore it
the wingies on your shoes don't make you cool Dash
i don't know what pegasus flying would translate into as a human, maybe Dash plays soccer or runs track

Rarity is tall and curvy and always, always expertly dressed
translating her pony mane into a human hair style was a tricky thing to visualize, i borrowed her hair's look from this artist's awesome design:…
i gave rarity a body type (dem hips) and outfit based on a girl i saw on the bus, you rock them high-waisted pants yo

Kilala headcanons that "unicorn" people use magic by channeling it through their hands. Humanized Unicorn (study) by kilala97 I prefer to think they use wands (i'm harry potter trash) shaped/colored like their pony counterpart's unicorn horn. Some magic, like the elements of harmony and Rainbow Power, don't need to be channeled through a wand, but for the most part, humans need their wand to do magic. Celestia and Luna use ornamental staffs, while Twilight and Cadance use wands. The only person who doesn't need an object to channel magic with is Discord, but he's the exception to a lot of rules

Twilight Sparkle is average height and she prefers practical fashion over flashiness. As a "unicorn" person, she channels magic through a wand. Her status as an "alicorn princess" is marked by the jewel on her forehead, bestowed when she was coronated as a princess. The gem enhances her already formidable magical might and cannot be removed. Celestia, Luna, and Cadance also have individualized "alicorn" gems.

twilight is considered by discord to be a person of extreme interest/favorite person to pester/secret crush

Fluttershy is the tallest of the mane six, and quite slender and delicate. I also imagine she's clumsy af and has a habit of tripping over her own legs/hair/Angel Bunny/nothing

 "Pegasus" people have a magic of their own, and can "summon" wings for themselves, transforming their arms into enormous wings capable of flight. They're commonly called harpies, because "floofy doofy bird people" doesn't sound as cool.

With Flutters I was torn over designing her outfit to match her personality (long concealing clothes for a timid gal) or giving her practical work clothes that an animal caretaker would actually wear. Eh, just pretend she's dressed casual today and doesn't have to deal with cleaning out animal pens and all that

Flutters used to shyly hide behind her hair a lot until Rarity convinced her to brush it back and quit hiding that pretty face, yay for friends

tried to draw in a cutesy, miniaturized style reminiscent of the show's tiny pony models

bonus version with no funky lighting No Lighting ver by Lopoddity
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I love this trend of smol Pinkie.

It gives me joy. Little fun sized ball of energy.

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Smol pinkie :0000
Awww Pinkie reminds me of amethyst!!
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If the unicorn horns there are wands, what do Celestia and Luna's staffs look like? 
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These are awesome. I wish I could see more of this. You're an amazing artist.
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"floofy doofy bird people". This had got to be one of the best things I've read or heard today.
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These are some of the best human interpretations of them I have ever seen! I wish we had gotten something as fun and diverse as this instead of the mono-bodytype equestria girls. They look cute and make good dolls, sure, but this is far more interesting, realistic and fun! All of them looks very pretty!
agreed i wish they made them more diverse in eqg
Flame-Bloom's avatar
Yeah. Plus, the ponies are generally pretty small and chubby, except for some rare characters.
So having all the equestria girls versions being mostly tall and thin seems a little wierd to me...
hellobobo's avatar
How about pegasi have either superspeed?
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Now THERE is a more realistic Applejack,love you girl!
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Fluttershy is the prettiest of them all :D
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Applejack is like "We can do it!"
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I love your humanization! Are really fit the characters in an awesome way!( Twilight is exactly how I image her)
You're very talented. 
And your headcanon for the wands as horns is very cool! Maybe i will use it too if you don't mind.
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I love how the horns are wands!

This is really cute!

(I love Pinkie's design)
CreepyBear's avatar
Holy crap. This is incredibly close to my headcanon for human mane six appearance-wise. Like, scary close. I should actually finish those sketches... I've had them sitting around since before I got my newer tablet lol
Cinnamon-Swirls's avatar
Aaaahhhhh Pinkie is so smol. ^w^ <3
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Hey I normally don't ever comment or view any MLP fan works, but wow, this is just amazing. I love the way you've made each of these characters come to life by creating a variety of body sizes, shapes, and skin tones. You've done an incredible job of including diversity in this cast, and I cannot express how much I love how you did that. Keep up the awesome work :heart:
Butterfly--Empress's avatar
These are all so cute!! 

One <333!!
newdullcrusader's avatar
Pinkie looks so smol! I love it!
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Your designs give me life
Burrferns's avatar
Rarity is so perfect, I love her design <3
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