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Monster Mash

mo doodles, mo problems

1.) Proud parents and their oopsie baby~

(y'all kept asking how the Sphinx, being so gigantic, was even able to have Montezuma in the first place....the answer is she's an immortal being with powerful cosmic magic, shrinking her form is a cakewalk for her)

The Sphinx peaced out pretty much as soon as baby Montezuma was weaned (leaving Ahuizotl a single dad), but that didn't mean she wasn't affectionate with him as an infant. Both Monty's parents were quite doting on their lil monster bab.

Ahuizotl's Nahuatl expression, (very) loosely translated, means something like "My heart is flush with happiness". This is his first time meeting his son, as the Sphinx was pretty insistent on privacy during the birth and first few days after. While Ahuizotl has had the company of his tribe of pony loyalists, he's been the last of his kind for......centuries, at this point, so the love he feels for his tiny makeshift family is almost too much to handle


Ahuizotl is verrrry protective of his son. It's only natural, as he feels intense, suffocating guilt for being naive enough to have given him away to ponies (a choice that brought his poor child many years of suffering). More than anything, Ahuizotl wants to make things right....he sort of wants to tuck Monty away in a temple, just like a treasure, so he can never be hurt again. While Ahui holds little fondness for ponies, he doesn't approve of Montezuma's vengeance against ponykind, because he worries it will only bring further troubles. After so much time, however, Ahui's begrudgingly learned to have a little faith in Monty's ability to get himself out of danger.....

Enter Smokescreen.

Smokescreen is someone entirely dedicated to capturing his son and turning him over to the ponies. Ergo, Ahuizotl kind of wants to kill Smokescreen.....the only reason he doesn't is because Monty 1.) insists that murder is wrong, and 2.) is growing increasingly fond of the bothersome agent. So now Ahui gets to worry about whether Smokescreen will take this nebulous rivalry-romance relationship and weaponize it against Monty, who for all his cunning, is quite a bit more naive and vulnerable than he realizes. Ahuizotl fears that Smoky will lure his son in with the promise of love, then betray him and sell him out to the ponies, to be thrown in a cage or hunted for sport or a million other terrifying scenarios Ahui can't help picturing.

(Smokescreen would never do this, so he just figures Ahuizotl is absolutely horrifying to him for no reason, and cuts the guy a wide berth.)

The scene above is actually the second time Ahuizotl and Smokescreen have met. Their first encounter occurred when Smoky tracked Montezuma to a hidden temple in South Equestria. This was in the earlier days of Monty’s villainy, before he’d managed to recruit any minions, so Smoky fully expected an easy capture. He stalks and pounces, knocking Montezuma to the ground, and they have a very vicious knock-down drag-out brawl- but Smoky comes out on top, managing to pin Monty and subdue him with a bite-hold. This is when Ahuizotl rushes in, wondering what the noise is about- and sees a big scary dragon-thing with it’s jaws locked around his son’s neck.

Ahuizotl smashes into Smoky with the force of a freight train. The ferocity and power is unlike anything Smoky has ever known before- Smoke tries to hold his own, hissing and biting and kicking- but the fight is akin to a housecat versus a tiger. Smoky falls- and Montezuma, previously feeling pretty >D about watching his nemesis get his shit wrecked, switches to D8 upon seeing his father moving to deliver the killing bite. Montezuma leaps in between Smoky and Ahuizotl, because no matter how he feels about his nemesis, he’s NOT going to stand by and let someone be murdered in cold blood.

He proceeds to scold his indignant father (“I’m not a baby and I don’t need you to rescue me”), and Ahui argues right back (“Clearly you DO”) and they have a little father-son tiff. Monty exasperatedly asks Smoky to give him and his father a few minutes privacy to sort things out…..Smoky naturally takes this opportunity to slink away (with the relic he was sent to reclaim). Monty is pretty embarrassed to discover he let his enemy escape, and this ignites even more bickering with his father.

Monty and Ahui end up having a long, long talk about boundaries. Ahuizotl eventually, begrudgingly is made to understand that his son’s business with the agent is a PRIVATE affair, and he is not to intervene (or worse, give embarrassing advice from the sidelines). Monty is able to soothe his father’s anxiety by memorizing a spell to summon Ahui if he ever truly needs help. After that, Ahui relaxes a little, and tries to view the “game” between his son and Smoky like little kids playing at a slumber party. However, as time passes, and Ahui sees the giddiness Monty develops toward his nemesis, overhears how the two fight-flirt….his dadly instincts feel that now would be a good time to have a friendly chat with Smoky.

y'know, I know I've complained about drawing Ahuizotl's big dumb head in the past, but it's really grown on me? it's like a doberman had a baby with a gorgonopsid. he's maybe become one of my favorite characters to draw. i imagine he can open his mouth really, really, really wide- almost 150 degrees- and he absolutely could bite Smokescreen's head clean off his shoulders with very little effort. This was not an idle threat, it was a promise. Now play nice, boys~)

5.) patron request,
and also the closest i'll ever come to drawing vore

"Monty, my boy, would you care for a wager? Ten gold pieces says I can't eat a roast pig whole!"

"Nice try, Papa, but I am never making that mistake again."

6.) dammit smokescreen what'd ahuizotl just say about toying with his son's fragile heart

Smokescreen may be rather stoic and serious about his job, but outside of spywork he's a pretty playful, flirty guy. As he and Montezuma start spending more time together where they're not trying to destroy each other, Monty sees more and more glimpses of Smoke's humanity.....and he doesn't know how to feel about it. 

For as much flirting Monty does when the both of them are gripped in combat, he'd probably have a fucking heart attack if Smoky were to flirt back. Due to his sheltered upbringing/heavy focus on committing crime, Montezuma actually has little experience with things like dating or not turning into a blushy idiot when your crush acknowledges your existence. Montezuma's all talk! Smoky is not. Smoky is very experienced, and is absolutely tickled at the discovery that his cool, composed, eternally-salacious nemesis is actually....well, kind of a dork. Shown above: Smoky calling Monty's bluff.

from the eternally ineffable :iconcolbyr: : Consider: in the future, when Smoky's able to take Monte to a club (whether his crimes are pardoned, Monte wears a disguise, or they just go to a low-brow enough place no one cares is up for debate), Monte is shocked to realize just how flexible Smoky is. Smoky smirks and does a backflip on the dance floor, earning a few whoops from some intoxicated patrons, and Monte realizes the point his beau is trying to make: special agents of the government have to go through extensive training -- mental and physical. Of course Smoky would be stupid flexible, and fit, and -- wait, did Smoky's GOVERNMENT teach him to roll his hips like that, or -- oh dear. Oh. Well. Monte's not going to complain how well Smokescreen's training fits in to salacious bar dancing -- not when he gets a front seat. (Achievement unlocked: Smoky joins Moondancer in the 'unlikely pole dancer expert' club!)


"Alright, agent, have it your way. No more fun and games."

Monty is PISSED

after a few people politely pushed to see that "buff manly-manly" Montezuma I'd previously considered drawing, I decided to cave, because y'all know i love drawing muscles

(best believe i referenced from DBZ)

Monty likes to think of himself as being rather sophisticated and prefers to talk his way out of most situations, leaving violence as a last resort. This gentlemanly pacifism isn't particularly helpful, however, when one is being constantly, persistently, annoyingly tailed by a extremely tireless agent of the government. Sometimes you just gotta square up.

A dear patron: I imagine that Smokey got his ass soundly handed to him in this encounter, purely because he'd never seen this side of Monty before.

Oh yes. I imagine Smoky made his typical dramatic entrance, roughing up Monty’s minions, including a new young one Monty had just assured would have a pleasant, uneventful first day....and then here comes Smoky, throwing people around like toys, breaking jaws and limbs on his stupid noble crusader shtick. Monty figures since violence is the only language the agent seems to speak, now’s a great time for him and Smoky to have a private chat. And by chat, I mean Smoky got his shit kicked in

Roboheather: Well now I gotta know about this poor new minion and his very NOT pleasant VERY VERY eventful first day. Though, despite his broken leg and a couple weeks of nightmares, he didn't lose his chipper workplace moral and happily continued on Monty's employment. And anyways he wasn't giving up these kind of benefits! He gets dental! On another note I get the feeling that Monty sees his "minions" as family members, people he actually cares about and is very protective over

Yup! Monty’s one of those “this isn’t just a workplace, this is a family” kinda bosses, except he actually, genuinely means it. He always remembers his minions’ birthdays and keeps up with the big events in their lives. Sometimes Smoky plans a big bust on Monty’s lair only to find the “contraband” he’d thought Monty was smuggling was really just party supplies for Teoxihuitl and Meztli’s 20th wedding anniversary

Star! Star! EDIT: Hey wanna read a fanfic based on this very premise? :iconcolbyr: presents: 

Star! Itzcuin and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad (First) Day (of Minion Work)Star!

In which Itzcuin, Montezuma's newest minion recruit, meets his boss, learns the ropes of henchman duty, and overall has a nice enough first day on the job.....right up until a certain secret agent decides to make an appearance. All characters are human in this.


more stuff on Montezuma and Smokescreen:

Work Doodles by Lopoddity      Special Agent Smoke by Lopoddity        NextGen: Montezuma by Lopoddity         Enemy Mine by Lopoddity       With Love, Your Nemesis~ by Lopoddity


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SoupNaziMark2's avatar

Last night while reading one of Colbyr's fanfics , I realized that Montey and Smokescreen both have dads named Spike! The ahuizotl are monsters from actual Meso-American folklore. The name references their stiff otterlike fur, and supposedly translates as 'spiny water thing.'

Now I wonder what a proper feminine variant of the term would be, to name a genderswapped Ahuizotl!

Knowing a bit about those critters has helped me imagine hobbies that the MLP Ahuizotl has. Maybe he has a collection of glass eyes, or rare animal teeth he found patrolling near temples. Enjoys lake fishing and skin diving. And his son probably has a walk-in, climate-controlled terrarium for his pet frogs.:D

Have you ever drawn a human Ahuizotl? Oh, you did: he's in 'With Love, Your Nemesis'.

Darkmoonstruck's avatar

Does Smoky ever shed his skin, like reptiles AND many insects do? I could see him becoming a total grumpy butt when it happens, being itchy and uncomfortable and feeling like he's wearing clothes that are too tight, and Monty stopping by with treats and cuddles for Smoky's 'time of the month' XD

Lopoddity's avatar

That's adorable. X3

Darkmoonstruck's avatar

Or if Smoky shows up to thwart one of Monty's attempts and half his face is peeling off ;

Monty: "Aah, of course, the brave hero arrives and...oh. Really? They sent you out like THAT?? sigh I am going to have WORDS with your handler again, I swear...Come on, we can get you in a good herbal soak for a while."

Smoky: hissing

Monty: "....with snacks."

Smoky: "........."

Monty: "I can make creme-filled churros."

Smoky: promptly abandons his mission

Ai-Laau's avatar

This thought came to me after several sleep deprived nights and staring at your drawings:

What if Monty still makes that 'cat activation sound' even as an adult and Smoky, having snuck into his base, heard it? Would he become even more smitten, or tease Monty till the end of time? (Or both?)

recksun0to's avatar

Is Smokescreen still in love with his aunt?

Lopoddity's avatar

Nah. I always meant for that to be like my own personal deconstruction of the Spike/Rarity ship, with Smoky crushing on Irie largely because she’s pretty and nice to him. I planned to have Irie eventually gently turn him down, and to reveal that Smoky’s crush was entirely superficial, with him choosing Irie as a target because she was “safe”, someone he could never actually be with, thus someone he could pine over without having to endure the vulnerability and risk of actually being with someone. Smoky thinks of himself as a hero, and figures Irie is the pretty damsel he‘s supposed to want. The story would end with Smoky moving past his shallow crush and beginning a true friendship with Irie, as equals.

But that all seems kinda convoluted and unfocused to me now (and, y'know, incestuous), and I‘ve realized I’m not obligated to keep old ideas. So I’ve retconned it. Smoky and Irie are mischievous friends with a deep, sibling-like bond. He views her as a sort of older sister and holds a lot of respect and admiration for her, often coming to her for advice.

I will be keeping the whole Smoky-is-very-idealistic-and-is-secretly-nervous-of-getting-close-to-people. I've been toying with the idea that he might've dated Zee for a short while, but they broke up because he was nervous about her finding out about his secret life and kept her at an arm's length, which Zee didn't appreciate.

recksun0to's avatar

Interesting, thank you.

RedEmbers's avatar

So, Montys a Gru... heh 😄

SailorSnowflack's avatar

I'm back with a question and an idea:

have you thought up a pet for Montezuma yet?

if not please consider this story:

Montezuma pulls a heist of some priceless artifacts but as he's leaving he notices some rubble on display and examines the description. the rubble turns out to be part of a temple that collapsed due to erosion. Montezuma decides to snag a carved spider about as large as two fists. however his escape is marred by the arrival of an attacker (some pony who wanted to use an artifact for nefarious purposes). Montezuma escapes with all his loot but is injured. back at his lair he reexamines the artifacts, inadvertently getting blood on the carved spider. to his surprise, the spider begins to move. it turns out the the spider is itself a temple guardian created with magic. since the spider lacks a temple to guard, Montezuma adopts it and takes it to his main hideout. the spider requires about a thimble full of blood a week to remain active and has paralytic poison in it's fangs.

Great Job I Love These Ideas

GrimmTail's avatar

Smokescreen being a whole ass mood at the bottom though

Toxikfoxy's avatar

Haha that last part threw me off so bad,totally me in that kinda situation, distracted and on verge of getting my shit rocked XD

Nomlitofficial's avatar
cobalt2468's avatar

HC: I imagine Monty is one of those people who adores children.

Because of his awful childhood he just wants to spoil everyone he sees rotten so they never have to feel like he did, and has become an honorary uncle to most of his hench-people's kids.

He probably organizes a family fun night just so he can dote on them.

MoonSilver21's avatar

He remembers every kids birthday and even if he can't see them all, he sends bday cards with money to their favorite place. Or sends baked goods.

cobalt2468's avatar

Literally squeed at the feature! Thank you, Lops!!!!

EspyFandoms's avatar

Uncle Monty is best Monty

Darkstipe2017's avatar

For the last 2 all I can hear is mmm Popeyes biscuit Ah-

OkamiSA-l's avatar

Geniunely curious, do Spike and Thorax ever meet Montezuma? Is that the moment they realize Smoky's job is being an agent or not? Or do they meet in a funny dinner shenanigans of both Montezuma and Smoky trying to hide their jobs from Smoky's parents?

EspyFandoms's avatar

Given that the running gag with Smoky is that his friends and family don't know what he does for a living, I'd say that the latter is what would happen, at least on Smoky's end given that Monty was deemed an enemy of Equestria. I think they'd have lots of questions tho.

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