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Mister Discord Part 2

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hello discord, what are you doing here

no seriously, how the hell did you even get hired

Part 1: lopoddity.deviantart.com/art/M…
Part 3: somewhere over the rainbow-NOTE: Comic currently on hiatus

    Oh my god. Part 2 is done. Where Part 1 was more of a quick gag, we are now getting to the meat of the story. Lots of exposition about Twilight's decision to turn the Castle of the Two Sisters into the Academy of Magic.(Bit of a retcon here, I initially had the Academy of Magic be in Canterlot, until a user here suggested a better location.)

    Comic making is exhausting. I wrote and rewrote those last few panels over and over. Should Twilight figure Discord out first, or should he reveal himself first?  In my first draft, back when the comic was called Twilight's Theory, Professor Chaos Theory said a lot of incriminating things to make her suspect his true identity, and the rest of the comic was her doggedly spying on him trying to reveal his secret. Bleh. I figured the sooner I revealed Discord, the sooner we could get to learning his intentions.

   I'm pretty proud of that last panel. I love drawing Discord all dragon-y looking. I've always sort of interpreted his character to be a sort of pony-Mephistopheles, and I feel he should always look at least a little imposing and crafty and vaguely sinister. I like the more recent Nice Guy Discord the show has given us, but personality-wise, I tend to write him a bit more as he is in Return of Harmony.
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Will there at least be a summary? I want to know how it ends...
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BrightBulb13Student Traditional Artist

what is that troll discord up to this time

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ElenaFlamesHobbyist Artist
I mean we got 2 soo I guess I can live. 2 AWESOME pages!
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DarkWarrior44Student Digital Artist
Ya, I just really would've liked to see more
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DarkWarrior44Student Digital Artist
*5 years later*

"I don't think there is going to be a part 3"
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CocoCandy2007Student Digital Artist

Definitely not.

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would really like to see what happens next, and I wonder if you are going to do more pages after the third one is posted?
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It's still on hiatus, but I'm still holding out hope for this comic. Viva le Monsieur Discord.
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TriforceOfWillHobbyist Traditional Artist
is there no part

this comic is heckin' awesome
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Ouch. No part 3. That stingssssssssss. Now I really want to know what was supposed to happen next.
goldorakx69's avatar
new year and no part 3! i want to see it! 
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RiversoftheDawnHobbyist Digital Artist
Just discovered, and now I'm gonna stalk for a part three
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IZA-illustrationsHobbyist Digital Artist
Good luck m8. The last part she did was in 2014
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Art-a-bodHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy crap.
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D3pressedR4inbowHobbyist Digital Artist
This comic is absolutely amazing. I love Discord drawn in this dragon-like style. This is awesome. 
IZA-illustrations's avatar
IZA-illustrationsHobbyist Digital Artist
this was made in 2014 wheres part 3 XC
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Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!
There is Discord!!
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UndertaletrashaHobbyist Artist
"Whiny comment about lack of continuation for this comic"
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gurl this was made in 2014, it's been a really long time
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RoseyVaporeonHobbyist Digital Artist
ahhhhhhhhh gotta have more
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MoonfoundStudent Photographer
gurl do you know how long its been
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That’s a big as rainbow
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waaannnnts mooooreee...
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PixelBerrryHobbyist Digital Artist
its been 84 years...
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