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Mister Discord: Part 1

Oh no, he's hot.

EDIT: Part 2:…

Part 1 of my "Mister Discord" story arc, in which we'll examine how Discord, Master of Chaos, came to teach at the Equestrian Academy of Magic under Dean Twilight Sparkle. For context, this story takes place a number of years after the events in the show. Twilight has been made Dean of the newly founded Equestrian Academy of Magic, located in the former Castle of the Two Sisters in the Everfree Forest. The story will contain a smidgen of TwiCord, and also lots of arguing and sassiness and a bit of Discord's backstory and Twilight making about a bajillion adorable facial expressions.

Oofah. Comic making is hard guys, sweet jesus. My advice to aspiring comic artists is to PLAN EVERYTHING. Write every nuance of dialogue out before hand, make scads of thumbnails, plan your backgrounds, have drawing references on hand,  plan where your speech bubbles will be and how your characters will move about the panels. Ain't no joke. This is the first time I've done a comic of this magnitude and I couldn't be prouder of myself for how it turned out X)
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Oooh no poor Twilight!

That's Discord! AHHHHH!!!

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This looks very interesting
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oh THAT's where that image of twilight is from (somepony uses as their icon on Fimfic)
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Is there a fanfic version of this? I would like to read it.
Considering how in the show she actually has the school, I would be surprised if there isn't an episode where discord infiltrates and interferes with the place...
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HEY! Now Twi is the dean of a school of magic.

The Magic of Friendship, but still, that counts.
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With THIS CUTIE MARK ......... he MUST meet Glimmer !
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STARLIGHT!!! She's in trouble!!!
Clemontiscute123's avatar
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He reminds me of professor lupin from harry potter
johnathon-matthews's avatar
Le-gasp...... Equestria Girls 4 possible confirmed cameo!
AvalonLionWolf's avatar
Twilight confirmed for fourth-wall breaker
BVBARMYGIRL318's avatar
Damn Discord please be in pony form more
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Really like the name Discord chose for himself.
silmarwen-anarion's avatar
"Faust help me" omg, I died a little XD
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oh wow... he is freakin hot... <3
VictorReisSobreira's avatar
why she blushed? is there something i should read before this?
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looks like she's into older guys. ^^
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Twily got the hots for the new guy
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