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Making Mommy Pretty

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"You're gonna look so pretty, Mommy!"

"She sure will, kiddo. But do you think just one blossom crown is enough? I think she could use a few more-at least a dozen, maybe in all the colors of a rainbow. What do you think?"

"Oh, cool! Good idea, Dad! Hang on, I gotta go find more blossoms!"

"...Aw, you really do look pretty, Crash."

"..." *scrunchface intensifies*


More practice with my replacement tablet, working on my freehanded lineart

I feel like Dumbbell would fully encourage Stormy's eccentricities just to irritate his wifey

Poor Momma Dash, she thought she'd get a son as hardcore and brash as she is, but she got doofy little Stormy, the flower picking earth child

sorry i gave you a jerk husband and a hippie son, rainbow, know that i only torment you because you're one of my favorites
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VincessAlcatNew Deviant

hahahaha the look on his face

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I can't ship that x'DD Dumbbell is way to hot to be straight - and too hot for Dashie, sorry X'DD But I love your style and of course little Stormy Derpy Llama 
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He's a horse dude!Wtf is wrong with u?!XD and who said straight men can't be hot?
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I can't stop thinking of that one guy on Dr. Phil. "Making. Mommy. Pretty." This is awesome though.^^
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TheBrazenBraixenHobbyist Digital Artist
Triggered Peridot Triggered Peridot TRIGGERED RUBY TRIGGERED RUBY 
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DERPigaileHobbyist Digital Artist
xDD awe this is beautiful -w-
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Sombraluz-ImagesProfessional General Artist
The scrunch is killing me! So cute and hilarious! lol <3
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MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Heart attack Hnng MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Heart attack Hnng MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Heart attack Hnng 

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Theflamingrose1Hobbyist Artist
how can he possibly fly with those tiny wings
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TrustyArtsStudent General Artist
He's after mommy
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wolfie356Student Digital Artist
look at his little wings!
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LadySlickHobbyist Digital Artist

Just want to start out by saying you're the first pony artist I discovered, and I've always been such a huge fan! Pandoraverse is the most incredible collection of pony goodness in all of the internet!!

I was wondering... possibly... I mean I totally understand it's hard taking suggestions from comments because there must be so many, but this ones kinda special to me ^<^
Have you ever drawn any Rarijack? I know Magnolia Ray is the offspring of the two, and since this is my favourite two ponies in my favourite two ships I have to say, Magnlolianis my absolute favourite in your universe!! She's an excellently put together mar with an extraordinary personality.

What I can to ask is; please could we have some more? ;P
I dunno, I'd just love to see some more of Magnolia as she hasn't appeared in your gallery for a while now, and I don't think you've done Rarijack drawing a before... your art is so lively and whrn you draw romantic scenes it's magical!

Thanks for even looking at this, if you did, it would be really special for me if you would maybe consider even just hurling a doodle at me? Even just a quick comment below this one would make me feel very happy indeed, as, yes, you are my artist idol :3

- shlickk:333
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Aidboy6Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her face is my favorite
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wolfie356Student Digital Artist
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you jus turned a soarindash shipper into a dumb dash shipper D8
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RainbowFireShark17Hobbyist General Artist
Same here:D
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TheLuckOfTheClawsHobbyist Digital Artist
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Excellent * evil chuckle*
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ElectroidSylveonStudent Digital Artist
Yeee make momma pretty XD
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CrystalPastelKittyHobbyist General Artist
This is cute. :3
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ToastyBrainHobbyist Digital Artist
Ha. Meanwhile in Dashie's mind, unintelligible pissed off pony waifu noises.
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Tawny-Fox-DrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
My name's ScrunchFace and I care what you think rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony 
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electric177Hobbyist General Artist
As a twenty one pilots fan, I am happy this comment exists.
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