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Magical Mystery Oops

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  After months of research, Twilight Sparkle writes a new spell, with the goal of allowing her to experience magic as nopony has ever wielded before. Something inevitably goes wrong during the casting and she is accidentally transformed into a draconequus. I hate it when that happens. :/

Anyway, transforming back proves to be much more difficult, as Twilight's new magic, though powerful, is wonky and random and nearly impossible to control. Looks like there's only one being in all of Equestria that can show Twilight how to rein in her chaotic draconequus magic...


an idea that came to me in class
i figure at first Discord would be super amused at Twilight's predicament but ultimately help, and then he'd grow more and more reluctant about her changing back. What's so wrong with being a draconequus, anyway?

orrrrrr i could make it a full blown shipping thing and have discord trying to court the new lady draconequus with fresh bouquets of poison joke and whatnot XD

Update: hey lookit :iconheilos: made this wonderful thing Organized Chaos by Heilos
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ladyruthnineteenHobbyist Traditional Artist


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i love that she’s a mix of parts, but they’re still symmetrical

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Ashruka-KrusnikHobbyist Digital Artist
She's so awesome looking
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this are thier love start! but for twilight a fond out her only way to go back her pony self is to eat a poison joke! why? poison joke are ramdom as discord , so everytime twilight eat a poison , she transform to a draconequus and eat a other one to go back as her alicorn self! her dauther pandora fond her mother can transform to draconequus by eat a poison joke so try it by hide a poison joke in the food of her mother and her daddy a not lie! twilight be angry be transform agains her will, but discord love see his wife in this lovely draconequus!
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RadioactivePotato123Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful noodle cat 
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SapphireBoopHobbyist Digital Artist
What program. Use (PLs tell me)
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*softly chants* New ship! New ship! New ship! New ship!
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TessandraFaeProfessional Digital Artist
Now read the fanfiction inspired by your beautiful art. It actually was a cute story!

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discord see twilight and fall in love with her and twilight learn chao magic for take back her pony but she now 2 form alicorn pony princess  and lady magic draconequus
discord love her 2 form but prefer draconequus form * note discord love her pony form 45% and love her draconequus be 55%*
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FalljoydeluxHobbyist General Artist
Well, it can't be that bad. At least you look cool Twily
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DragonjekHobbyist Writer
Hm. A very symmetrical draconequus... of course, Twilight's mind is pretty much on the opposite end from chaotic.
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Legate47Hobbyist Photographer
Could be worse, Twi. You also could've turned evil.
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vicvic76Student Artist
can you make a base for a draconequus i really want to make an OC but i can't draw very well... and on something that has parts changed on it... IT CONFUSES ME XC but i can do details and colors on things like it 
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LopoddityStudent Digital Artist
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Arkus0Hobbyist General Artist
I like how unlike Discord, there is some symmetry to her body parts.
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SkyCriHobbyist General Artist
Holy crap, she's absolutely perfect!!!! :D
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Krystel14Hobbyist General Artist
omg i wanna see comics about that ^^
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there is gatesmccloud.deviantart.com/ its calt cutiemark crusaders
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Good but not as good as my art

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PencilcandyHobbyist General Artist
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blizzard234Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooh, someone's jealous
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superdjgirlanimeStudent Artist
is it sarcasm?
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