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MLP: Mom Bods Are Magic

By Lopoddity
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my muse said "MOM BODS, u should draw MOM BODS", and it's not like my gay ass was gonna decline

Bullet; Purple Professor/Princess Twilight Helena Sparkle

Twilight is the shortest of all living alicorns, coming in at 5' 2'' tall (compare to Celestia, who towers at 7 feet tall). She's a smol and chubby bookworm, much like Spike she has a deep fondness for junk food (and caffeine, Twi is a coffee addict and maaaaaaybe a bit of a wine mom). Twilight strikes me as the type to own exactly one bra, and it is OLD. Rarity's dragged her bra-shopping many a time, but damn it, Twi finally got this bra all stretched out and comfy for Celestia's sake leave me alone Rarity

Twilight hasn't ever been pregnant or given birth (or wanted to), but she did raise a dragon and a draconequus, both of whom have likely shaved years off even her extended alicorn lifespan

Bullet; Red Jacqueline Apple

Applejack, to this day, remains Applejacked. Having a baby didn't slow her down at all- in fact she was very insistent about carrying on with hard labor while pregnant, to Rarity's chagrin. Although pregnancy and good Apple family eatin' have softened her up in the gut, AJ remains strong and hard as an oak tree, and could probably crush an oak tree between her thighs, given the opportunity. Applejack had no issues carrying Magnolia and birthed her quickly and easily, unassisted, right there in the barn, as is Apple family tradition. Rarity fainted only once.

Although AJ didn't intend to be the one to carry Magnolia (Rarity was the one meant to do it, but Discord botched the magic), she was secretly thrilled. Applejack is the softest momma. She'd sing to Magnolia before she'd even been born, and learned knitting from Rarity, crafting all sorts of crude, lumpy baby hats and onesies. Applejack cried when Magnolia was born. A lot. She also tended to tear up just looking at her fuzzy golden bab, especially when she'd give a little crooked smile and grip Mama Jackie's finger, how could Applejack not have a total soggy breakdown, honestly

Bullet; Blue Rarity Belle

Rarity gave me a lot of trouble, this is actually my third redraw. I was struggling to come up with a pose when :iconmylittlegami: said "psst....make her do the thing.....the anime lady ohhohoho! thing....." and it CLICKED

I'm pretty happy with how she turned out! I went for a "aging hollywood star" sorta look for Missus Rarity. Rarity takes very, very good care of her body, and in her youth she was very determined to stave off the affects of age. Lots of moisturizers, proper diet, yoga, weekly spa treatments, the works. But time (and gravity) gets us all in the end. Rarity's developed some gray streaks in her mane that are becoming more prominent with time, and her late nights supplemented with cheap take-out, coffee, and the occasional carton of strawberry ice cream have mad her altogether a bit softer and marshmallowy. I cannot stress how into this Applejack is.

Applejack, witnessing Rarity get dressed: GatDAMN

Rarity: *scoffs, hides smile* Oh, please, darling, you've seen me like this a thousand times.

Applejack: I've seen the sun rise a thousand times too, don't make it any less breath-takin', shug. *smooches Rarity's cheek*

Rarity: *flustered baby goat sound*

Rarity continues to dutifully care for her body, but she's come to love it, crow's feet, butt dimples and all

Bullet; Pink Pinkamena Diane Pie

Pinkie Pie is the teeniest member of the Mane Six, only barely taller than most children. She's a miniature pony, a rare, fluffy breed of pony rumored to be jam-packed with mysterious magic. Pinkie is round like a bouncy ball and always inexplicably smells like cotton candy. In terms of mom bods, well, having three kids wrecked Pinkie's shit. Carrying a foal to term is a challenge for one with a body so wee, but Pinkie rises to every challenge. Carrying Cupcake was a piece of cake! The twins, not so much. The pregnancy was automatically classified as high-risk, and Pinkie underwent near constant medical supervision. The birth itself was....well, Pinkie doesn't like to think about it. She woke up hours later, high as a kite, aching down below, her shit thoroughly wrecked. But hey, she got two fuzzy babies for the price of one, so the day wasn't all bad!

 I imagine Pinkie happily singing (and maybe Dash joining in) a certain post-partum song by Linda Belcher 

This is down here but it should be up there
This is kind of loose and I think it might tear
This is lumpy
(And it's dumpy)
This is sagging
(Yeah it's flabby)
When I bend down I pee a little bit
But it's not bad, not bad for having three kids!

Bullet; Blue
Capt. Rainbow Dash

RD's stayed in stellar physical condition despite having three kids, she can easily keep up with the youngest newbie Wonderbolts. She's got a bit of a stomach roll as a pregnancy leftover that no amount of crunches could get rid of, so Dash made her peace with it. She's also got a bitchin' C-section scar from Cloudy's birth, which she counts among her cooler battle scars (the ones on her body are largely from crash landings, plus one time she got struck by a stray lightning bolt).

Dash (and Bell) really only planned to have one kid, Aerostorm. But after Stormy, along came Phoenix (whoops) and later Cloudburst (aw shit), after which Dash got her tubes tied, finally freeing her and her horseband to bang like the wildly irresponsible weasels they've always been. Dash loves all her idiot kids but babies r smelly, no more k thnx

from the incorrigible :iconroboheather: : I can absolutely see her proudly modeling for a sports magazine or something in her fifties without an ounce of self-consciousness. Yep, behold my rad middle aged body of pure awesomeness. You're welcome.

Bullet; Green
Dr. Posey Fluttershy

Fluttershy, more like FlutterTHIGHSSSSss hurr hurr

Flutters has always been tall and lanky, just like her brother Zephyr Breeze. Her childhood nickname, "Klutzershy", is still a tiny bit accurate, because Flutters is sometimes a bit unaware of her height and size, and sometimes clonks her head on doorways, or knocks knick-knacks off countertops with her larger-than-average wingspan. Fluttershy was rail thin (bony even) in her youth, but motherhood and age softened her up. Healthy diet and exercise shed most of those pregnancy pounds, but some of it stuck around in her thighs, gut, and flutterbutt, giving her a pear-shape body type. Fluttershy used to dress to conceal her figure, but has since grown to appreciate her body (especially after being told by Photo Finish she still had "za magiks", and being begged to do a photo shoot again, oh my, how flattering!)


to answer some preemptive questions

-Where are their tails?

Eh, they didn't add much, so I left em out, Bojack Horseman style. Same goes for cutie marks, bleh.

-Why is X character so fat/flabby/sagging/etc?

Because these are middle-aged ladies, most of whom have had at least one kid. All bodies vary, and all bodies are beautiful.

-But that's not how I think they should look.

Cool beans! You're free to draw your own interpretations somewhere else. I really have no patience for body discourse here.

-But I don't find them attractive!/ For some reason, I'm going to rank how hot I find them.

Sadly, I didn't draw this to appeal to anybody's ideal of attraction. This is an honest celebration of female bodies- stretch marks and all. Please don't be gross. Female characters need not exist to be sexual or titillating. You have ample other balloon-tittied waifu wankbait plastered all over the internet, so go get your thrills elsewhere, shoo.

As always, please be civil in the comments. Thanks for reading!

more mane six/ mom six stuff:

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I love the variety in body types and styles!!
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CaliforniaPhantomHobbyist Digital Artist

I identify with Twilight a bit. I'm short and I have stretchmarks on my body so twilight reminds me of myself in terms of body type :3

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askclaybliNew Deviant

i love this!

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DragonriderJenna565Hobbyist Writer

I actually like the stretch marks. I always found the hard because they can come out a few shades too dark/distracting or too light/barely there.

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UntappedChaosHobbyist Digital Artist

Flutters is gorgeous and I love the shape her body's in. QvQ It's great to see them all being so comfortable with themselves. <3

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MoonSilver21Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

You mentioned dash has a c-section but I'm having trouble seeing it. Is it under the underwear band by chance?

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LopoddityStudent Digital Artist

yup. c-section scars are low, in the same area as the uterus

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Fascinating to see how they evolved so well over the years. Beautiful work~

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i love this art but i question the logistics of seeing stretch marks on fur coated creatures

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LopoddityStudent Digital Artist

you and a dozen other tiring people

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As a trans man I typically feel really gross about my body but seeing them with the bodies and being happy makes me happy! Especially fluttershy bc I share that body type (much to my dismay) so it brings real comfort to me. Thank you for everything you do, keep up the amazing work.

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Oop I relate to twilights bod man, although I did get pregnant lol, I also relate to rainbow cause she has a c-section scar

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FallenAngel5414Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I do like the different body types you gave each of the mane 6, and the amount of fluff.

My one little nitpick is the stretch marks on some of them. How can we see them when they have fur on them?

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jendoesStudent Artist

Love this so much!

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BlizzardsDrawingsHobbyist Digital Artist


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Mom bod positivity FTW!

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TheUltimateGravoidHobbyist Traditional Artist


My little milf

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You can't tell me that RD only got hit by lightning ONCE.

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IncendiaryBoobsHobbyist Digital Artist

Yoooo good shit!

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meganhulanHobbyist General Artist

This is fantastic

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pinky is so smol

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JessOpalStudent Digital Artist
I can’t tell you how your body positivity as a whole and this post in particular has helped me with my current struggle with my eating disorder and body dismorphia, your acceptance and tolerance of everyone gives me a ray of hope✨
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cow-biteNew Deviant

i just wanted to let you know ive been way into this au forever, even after i got out of mlp, but lately ive been hyperfixating HARD on both the au and ur art, i appreciate it so much! thank you.

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VividSparkHobbyist General Artist

Don't mean to sound rude, but what are their heights according to your fanon?

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