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"I'm really...not myself when I'm hungry. Ha ha..."

Note( MLP spoilers): I'm disregarding the season 6 finale entirely in the pandoraverse. The Pandoraverse is an AU to the show and doesn't follow show canon 100%. Again, the events of the season 6 show finale will not affect the pandoraverse characters and story.

Changelings are hungry nearly all of the time, but the political marriage between Princess Celestia and Chrysalis years ago ultimately allowed changelings to integrate into pony society and obtain love through friendships, not by deceit and disguises. Now changelings rarely go hungry...but even if they do, they have biological adaptations in place to aid survival. They can survive on stores of energy, and ultimately burrow and go into a dormant state if food is unavailable. No biggie, changelings are a hardy species.

Princess Iridescence, however, is a high-ranking changeling, pretty much on level with a queen. Queens experience hunger much more intensely than drone changelings. It's a survival mechanism. When a queen gets too hungry, or all resources for love have been run dry, she will enter a frenzied, feral state, madly seeking out victims to ensure the survival of herself and her hive, by any means necessary. In this state, a queen may drain a victim to a withered husk, and savage the body to pieces (at least according to old pony wives' tales).

Iridescence doesn't really have a hive beyond a small team of changeling royal guards, but she's subject to the feral instinct like any other queen (yes, this includes Chrysalis). If Iridescence gets too love-starved, she'll turn into a vampire bug monster and attempt to violently leech the love out of the first pony she sees.

Fortunately, Irie has only ever gone into this state and attacked someone exactly once, and Celestia was able to cover up the incident. Iridescence attacked her cousin Artemis in the dead of the night-and she savagely bit her cousin's throat before Artemis was able to kick her off. The royal family was eventually able to capture and feed Irie....but now she and Arte kinda have some trust issues between them, whoops

All changelings have retractable mandibles. They're powerful and sharp. Irie's pop out when she's hungry, excited, or angry. Fun fact: Changelings have a secret language they speak by clicking and chittering with their mandibles

been drawing artemis so much, decided to explore more of iridescence
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If this event is still canon in the Panverse then does Artie have a physical scar or scars on their throat from this event?

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Think you'll ever re-visit the biting and trust-issues between Irie and Arte? Or their relationship in general hehe

Just seems like there's a lot of potential for feels and lores and such here

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"No boops"

*Get booped*


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haha me when im hunrgy and tired

dont mess with me lol
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Oh my! That's really cool and creepy!
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The right is me when I smell popcorn and I'm hungry 
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Heeeello nightmares!
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Errie really needs to eat a Snickers.

She just isn't herself when she's hungry.
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May I use the retractable mandibles headcannon please 

you don’t have to let me if you don’t want to 

its just really cool 
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They talk to each other like Predators... SWEET!
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0 smoak      1 smoaks

calm bug     angery bug
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not even once. 
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Holy sweet crap O-0
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You know...That's the same reaction on Monarch (my OC) when she was tired and hungry at the same time. :3 Except it's not just a retractable mandibles but also a retractable nossle that butterflies have.
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I got to say iridecense is one of my fave next Gen characters from your side creepy adorable scary and pretty all in together
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Dang it, I just noticed how many times this joke has been made.
Help me.
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She needs a snickers.
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First image: oh cheer up girl
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Oh, hey, can you tell me how to get to the.... Oh... OH MY GOD HELP!!!! :-o (Eek) :-o (Eek) :-o (Eek) Oh Noes! Oh Noes! Oh Noes! Oh Noes! Oh Noes! Oh Noes! Oh Noes! Oh Noes! Oh Noes! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG 
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she needs a fuckin snickers!!!!!!!!!
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