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Little Odd



all shall love tiny oddball, and despair

Oddball as a baby/toddler. He's wearing Cupcake's hair bow around his neck. Little Oddy loves the big pink bow, or "buh", as he calls it (still being a toddler and all) cuz it smells like his momma
He becomes so attached to it as a comfort item that Cupcake lets him keep it

Cupcake lets her baby keep the ribbon and Odd wears it on and off his whole life, sometimes tied around his neck, or around his tail, or fastened in his mane (of course by the time he's an adult it's very tiny on him but whatevs). He never sees the little pink ribbon as something to be ashamed off and of course Pandora and Cupcake think it's adorable as all hell. I mean just look at him

Cupcake and Pan have so many pet names for their little nerd babbu
odd, oddy, oddles, oddy-bobbles, oddy-bobbly, honey-bunny...the list goes on
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He is. Just so precious.
*reaches out to squeeze him*