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"I am one of three living members of an ancient magical species. I am a draconequus. No, I will not eat you, or perform magic tricks for your foals. I cannot perform magical miracles, nor do I desire to rain chaos from the skies as my grandfather once did. Now if you would-I've just reached my favorite chapter. You can stop staring now."

so you all requested to see what Oddball's adult design looked like
kind of like a chocolate noodle someone threw in a taffy puller

he is reclusive and mysterious but all that masks the fact that he's a huuuge noodle nerd
still doesn't understand social cues so well but he is kinda tired of ponies asking what the hell he is or if he's gonna eat them or lay magical waste to their reality as they know it

odd just wants to read and bake cupcakes with his mother and solve million piece puzzles
he is bigger than pandora and cupcake combined
also he's pretty powerful but won't use it for mischief like mommy Panny wants
instead he uses it to do terrible things
like math and origami

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i looovvvee his design and he looks sooooo handsome- would love to see a comparison between him and panny since he's so big!!! love this cool noodle boy <3