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i affectionately refer to discord being all paternal as “dadcord”

draconequus eggs need lots of exposure to heat and magic, apparently

i imagine Discord would be SUPER possessive of Pandora’s egg (because it’s a little piece of him) and would be anxious and listless the entire time up to Pandora’s hatching. Twilight would be trying to study it and magically scan it and he’d follow her around whining at her to be careful, don’t drop it, here let me hold it i at least have hands, twilight stop hitting me with a newspaper ow

Headcanon: Draconequi can breathe fire. It’s not even a part of their magical skillset, it’s a purely inborn, biological ability. Discord doesn’t do it often because he has to eat a lot of phosphorus and charcoal to keep it up and those things aren’t very tasty

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awww dad discord 💕💕👑adorable