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Headcanons Are Magic

some anon on tumblr was annoyed i don't draw luna accurate to her show design

i dunno, i think a lot of the fun of drawing ponies is coming up with your own interpretations of their canon designs

here's my headcanon for woona~

Luna's official title is Queen of the Night. She rules Equestria together with Queen Celestia in a diarchy of power. Celestia is the sunny public face of Equestria, tending faithfully to matters of diplomacy, trade, and general politics, all with a sweet, motherly smile and kind disposition that make ponies naturally want to please their ruler. Luna is the opposite-stern, authoritative, and even a little humorless-to the point where her subjects find her terrifying intimidating to approach. Because of this, Luna only acts as a political presence when absolutely necessary. Where Celestia is the beloved queen-mother, Luna serves as Equestria's loyal guardian. She wields considerable control over Equestria's military forces, faithfully watches over the populace's dreams, and acts as a warden for much of Equestria's incarcerated criminals. (Yes, Equestria does have prisoners....ponies and creatures that have committed atrocities, and are thus considered too dangerous to be released. Lately, however, Queen Luna has been implementing new rehabilitation measures to her prison populations....this is said to be Princess Twilight's influence. In my headcanon, following Starlight Glimmer's fall from villainy, Queen Luna sentenced her to extensive public service and released her to Twilight to be re-instructed in the ways of friendship and harmony. Considering that in the past, Luna would have probably imprisoned or even executed Starlight (the sisters did not take kindly to tyrants and oppressive ideologies), Celestia likes to think that her baby sister is finally, blessedly, softening up. 
 Luna is the sovereign of the moon, a demi-god, with powerful, far-reaching magic tied to dreams, nightmares, shadows, the ocean tides, and winter. Bound to the moon, she is ancient and effectively ageless. She is largely revered as a deity by the bat ponies (who also loyally make up her personal militia, the Lunar Guard). Physically she packs more muscle than Celestia, but is shorter, so that Tia can occasionally pretend gravity is suddenly increasing and slump over onto her baby sister, effectively crushing her. In her youth, Luna's coat was a simple, even light blue, but it seems her time as Nightmare Moon has left a mark on her, in more ways than one.

Luna has a soft spot for her allies and family, particularly her precious growly-owly only child, Artemis. It is rumored that she's taken a liking to the new captain of the royal guard, Tempest Shadow, but Luna states that any rumor of sordid, passionate romance between herself and a former rogue are best left to bad works of fiction.

more luna stuff i've drawn/written
Fear not the Light by Lopoddity Bugs and Birds by Lopoddity OH NO by Lopoddity

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The design you gave her is very pretty~
Chibb-Feathers's avatar
catch me loving the ever living fuck outta your headcannoned Luna
PSfreak2012's avatar
Bruh I really prefer your version instead of the actually show's version
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"so that Tia can occasionally pretend gravity is suddenly increasing and slump over onto her baby sister, effectively crushing her"

Reminds me of Lilo and Stitch which was probably your intention lol
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*The moment I saw this* . . . . Edgy teenager. 
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can u do tempest please:happybounce: 
koffeebat's avatar
Are you going to do one of these for Tempest, id love to see your ideas for her
I love the colors, and it would make sense that being stuck in a corrupted form for a 1,000 years would leave their marks. Physically, mentally and magically.
TheLunaGlitch's avatar
Whoa!!! I love how you did the hair! The colors look so soft and it makes the hair look so smooth and fluffy~
Supercoco142's avatar
I like the colors a lot more
StormStrick's avatar
Luna is a cute fluff Ball.😄
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Freckles are Magic
Haruka--chan's avatar
So gorgeous!!!! And I love the name you gave to this piece lol
Moonwing2's avatar
'i think a lot of the fun of drawing ponies is coming up with your own interpretations of their canon designs' agreed
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So do you headcanon Nightmare Moon as "Luna got turned into a bad guy by EVIL POWERS" or as a conscious act she fully chose on herown and was completely in control when it all went down?
(Not a leading question at all, I know.)
Lopoddity's avatar
I like the idea of choices and consequences, not "poor Woona was an innocent delicate flower that got transformed by evil nightmare forces!" Luna made a conscious choice to attempt to overthrow and kill her own sister. And later on, post-reformation, she's so tormented by her evil act that she creates the Tantabus to punish herself nightly (because nopony should escape justice, not even herself, in her opinion). I felt it was cheap for the writers to sanitize her choice by removing the burden of blame off Luna. While I do believe the nightmare forces did exacerbate her existing anger and jealousy into near-insanity, ultimately, Luna is responsible for her choices.
C-Puff's avatar
Yay! Ok thank you for answering 8'D I agree and wanted to know if you follow that headcanon too. Because yeah, I do feel the show whitewashing Luna of her agency and choice regarding the matter is such a cop-out. But I know you like playing with character backstory so I suspected you'd have deeper insight into it beyond just "Luna got possessed by nightmares and they made her evil!"
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I prefer that you draw them differently. It adds something unique to your style ~
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"I don't like MLP but blah, blah, blah..."

Said everyone ever. =_='
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