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Gramps, Gran, and also Pan

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1.) baby panny demands a snackrifice

2.) "Say, what was that bit about chaos, sweetie?"

I like to imagine that Night Light and Twilight Velvet are oddballs among the Canterlot elite. They're nouveau riche, new money, having met as broke university students, before Velvet's eventual success as the ghostwriter for the Daring Do book series launched them into a whole new tax bracket. They're goofy and eccentric and wonderfully oblivious to the ins and outs of high society, but they're happy as hell and ridiculously proud of their family- which includes a royal guard captain, an actual alicorn empress daughter-in-law, a daughter that used friendship to transcend the shackles of her mortal unicorn body, a dragon grandson, the lord of chaos as a son-in-law, a she-draconequus as a granddaughter, Equestria's first ever naturally-born alicorn, and one overworked heir to the Crystal Empire. They get weird looks on their family outings but who cares! Smile for the camera, everyone!


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TigeressBird324Student Traditional Artist

Hey Twilight Velvet, you have any marshmallows and chocolate, too? I bet Pandora would love to have some s’mores 😋

EruptionoftheFade's avatar

I wants to see a family photo of the whole sparkle family now 💖💖

Micks1's avatar
Micks1Student Traditional Artist

I lost my Nana in April, this is so cute and made me smile <3

Lopoddity's avatar
LopoddityStudent Digital Artist

Stop begging for attention on other people's art.

JustJohn11's avatar

I love how Velvet is just so chill as her grand daughter is summoning Shub-Niggurath.

ToastyBrain's avatar
ToastyBrainHobbyist Digital Artist

Is it possible you could maybe do some doodles of Discord being goofy with his in laws? I wonder what him and Night would have in common for possible bonding time.

CourierBell's avatar

My heart melted with Panny hugging her grandparents, thank you ugh

Colbyr's avatar
ColbyrHobbyist General ArtistFeatured

imagine Twilight being nervous leaving Panny alone with Velvet and Night Light for the first time since she hatched. there's just so much that could go wrong - she's a small bundle of chaos incarnate, her very existence is a mystery, her magic surges could level a city -

and her parents just calmly remind her with a smile that they babysat Flurry Heart when she was a baby, too. Not only was her magic pulled from an entire kingdom, but she could fly as a baby (which Pan thankfully hasn't done yet). Even before that, they handled Twilight's magic surges - powerful enough, as we've seen, to hatch a dormant (headcanon) dragon egg that are already naturally resistant to magic - and Twi was, what? four? Five? They're not new to managing little bundles of chaos.

ChrisLang89's avatar
ChrisLang89Hobbyist General Artist

I Love Pan, more Chaos please

mindlesscc's avatar
The fact that she's still planning on destroying them 😂
SkaiDaHogwartsGal's avatar
SkaiDaHogwartsGalStudent Digital Artist

Best fam 10/10

pinocchioo65's avatar

that's such aspecial family indeed

Sanluris's avatar
SanlurisHobbyist General Artist

The way little kids talk, they may as well be trying to summon the old ones. You just have to smile and hope they didn’t just ask if you wanted to meet Cthulhu.

twilycore's avatar
twilycoreNew Deviant
I live for the way you draw Night Light and Twilight Velvet legit 💖
Novatonix's avatar
NovatonixStudent Digital Artist
Okay now I need a family portrait of the whole twilight clan lol!
keparks's avatar

Omg, there would have to be two.

One where the photographer thankfully got everyone to hold still and smile AT the camera by some miracle.

And then one of the immediate aftermath of all the snipes of relatives fighting amongst eachother like they do at every big family gathering with the grandparents still just blissfully smiling through it all, grateful for the extremely unique family, haha.

GoodMudkip's avatar

We finally get to see your version of Twilight's parents! Nice and caring, a nice change of pace from uunicornmc's versions of them, which only make me want to punch them.

Also it seems Daring Do is a completely fictional character in your version of Equestria, if that line about ghostwriting the books is anything to go off of.

Ashlynneatscookies's avatar
AshlynneatscookiesHobbyist Digital Artist

"Sounds like someone's trying to summon the old gods again"

How many times did this happen..?

MaiaBlitz's avatar
MaiaBlitzNew Deviant

I love your art and Pandora

zukos-swig's avatar
zukos-swigHobbyist General Artist

In my opinion, your version of Night Light is an EXTREMELY pretty pony. :hooray:

LordHellstrom's avatar

baby pan in always cute

jessica1124's avatar
jessica1124Hobbyist General Artist

twilight velvet just be like: This is fine

XD Lol the old gods demand your soul... sugary sweets XD

hellobobo's avatar

What made you decide to make Velvet the ghostwriter for Daring Do, though I suppose it would make sense considering I have no idea when Daring has the time to write her own books; does that mean she knows Daring Doo?

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