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“Moony, Moony, Moondancer." Pandora sang, casually floating in mid-air. "I didn’t know you were in town.”

“That’s because it was supposed to be a secret.” Moondancer slammed his book shut, then faced the floating she-draconequus with a strained, stiff smile. “But I suppose it was too much to hope to have a normal day in town without encountering the Wicked Witch herself.”

“Flatterer." Pandora fluttered her eyelashes at her former friend, mocking. “What brings you to Mom's library? Because if you’re looking for tips on mascara application, you’re in the wrong section, I’m afraid-”

“Research.” Moondancer snapped. “Golden Oaks Library is one of the only three literary archives in Equestria stocked with the first edition diaries of Clover the Clever-”

“Ah.” Pandora lilted. “So. You’re still on about that whole ‘becoming the world’s greatest sorcerer’ thing. Oh, Moony.” Pan rested her face in her paws. “You can read every book and learn every spell in Starswirl’s arsenal...But you’ll never beat me, dearie.”

“I will.” Moondancer glared at her, ignoring Pan’s broad, cat-like grin. “Magical might is wasted on you, witch. You may be stronger, but the blood of Starswirl himself runs through my veins. Sooner or later, you’ll fall to me, and I’ll show the world what it means to be great and powerful-"

“Blah, blah, villainous speech, blah.” Pandora mimed a talking hand. “...I’m hungry, Moony. Wanna go get lunch?”

“I-er….” Moondancer’s eyebrows knit in confusion. “...What?”

“Lunch, doofus. I’m thinking hayburgers. Like old times. We can catch up.” When the unicorn blinked at her, Pan huffed, frustrated. “...Mom says catching up is what old friends do. It’s what we should do.” Pan sent Moondancer a smile that was surprisingly genuine. “Believe it or not, I missed you, Moon Moon.”

Moondancer’s cheeks flushed pink at his old foalhood nickname. He took a step back, clutching the book to his chest. “I, um...N-no thank you. I told you, Pandora, I’m busy-”

“You’re always busy.” Pandora groused. “Would it kill you to have some fun for once?”

you? The princess of chaos?” Despite himself, Moondancer felt a faint, weary chuckle escape him. “...Quite possibly.”

“See? There’s the Moony I remember.” Pan’s eyes gleamed. “C’mon, Marshmallow. Remember how it used to be? We can have fun again. No sorcerer speeches, no taunting, no dumb rivalry. Just us, and oat fries.” Pan reached out an eager paw, smiling in invitation. “Come with me, Moony.”

Moondancer faltered. He met Pan’s eyes wistfully, before his gaze settled back on the cover of his book. On the embossed, noble illustration of his legendary ancestor, Starswirl…

“...No.” Pan was surprised when Moondancer turned away from her, back to his books. “I said I’m busy. Begone, she-demon.”

“Moony-” Pandora started-

“Panny.” Moondancer sighed, and glanced up at her. “Please. Go away. I have work to do.”

He turned away from her, but he felt her eyes on him for a long while, angry and hurt. When she spoke, her voice was quiet, a rarity.



Pan and Moondancer used to be friends
Pan wants that again but moon is a butt

BG borrowed from here: MLP FIM Background-Golden Oak LIbrary Interior

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