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Fishy Crackers
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Rather clumsily, Wave Rider tossed a lone fish cracker into her father's mouth. Bruce crunched it up in a quick, exaggerated manner, because he knew it'd earn him a string of giggles from his daughter.

"Funny daddy." Wavey patted his snout. "Look!" She grabbed a fistful of crackers and squealed, pretending the little fish crackers were screaming for their lives. "Eee! Oh no! Save us, noooo!" And she crammed the crackers into her mouth, crunching noisily. "Om nom nom! Die, Die!"

Bruce rested his cheek in his palm and watched her tiny, bizarre little episode, chuckling. God, my kid is fucking nuts.

"I eated them all." Wavey said seriously. "I'mma shark, daddy! Roooar!" She growled ferociously, baring uneven baby teeth.

Bruce smiled. "Decent impression, but I'm afraid sharks don't roar, nipper."

"No?" Wavey blinked up at him.

"No, love. Sharks don't have lungs. No organs to produce any sound at all, in fact. I'm assumin' you only believe so due to inaccurate, offensive depictions of sharks in works of fiction, like that bloody awful Little Mermare movie you like so m-"

Wavey's eyes lit up at once, and Bruce knew he'd made a terrible mistake.


"N-now, love, before ya even ask, I'll remind ya that we just watched that wretched mess four hours ago-"

"Wanna watch-!"

Bruce knew from the determined glint in his daughter's eyes that she could no longer be reasoned with. Desperately, he decided to try bargaining.

"Sweetheart. Angel. Koala Bear. Please. I know the whole script and soundtrack by heart at this point. Daddy needs a break, or he'll have another nightmare about that fackin' singing crab. I'll give you anything. Money, deep sea pearls, my bloody soul-"

Wave Rider had already toddled over to the shelf and grabbed that horrible, nearly worn out tape. "Movie now, Daddy!"

"Why do you always wanna watch it with me?!" Bruce whined. "Why not Papa, eh? He actually likes this hot mess-he'll even sing along with ya-"

His daughter had busied herself setting up the movie on the television. She retrieved the remote and brought it to Bruce, then plopped herself into her father's lap, wriggling to get comfy. She stuck her thumb in her mouth, eyes glazing over at the promise of Disney. "Play movie." She ordered, pointing at the screen.

"Daaaaah." Bruce grumbled. Wave Rider's ear twitched at his grumpy tone, and she reached up to squeeze her father's cheeks, and pressed a sweet kiss to his muzzle, getting cracker crumbs all over him. "Mwah!" She smiled cutely, all chubby cheeks and bright blue eyes. Bruce's eyes.

"...You are a tyrant." Bruce sighed. "A tiny, adorable tyrant. Fine. You win." He pressed the play button, resigning himself to ninety minutes of bright colors and cutesy songs. "You're evil, you know. Just like your Papa. Pure, concentrated, fluffy evil."


more anthro cuz why not

edit: fack, forgot to mention this was strongly inspired by this artist's work here: www.furaffinity.net/view/59648…

happy times with Bruce and his baby girl Wave Rider
wow i think this might be the first time i've drawn Bruce smiling. He smiles the most around his annoying lil ankle biter

little wavey loves her dad-mum so muuuch, she must express it through feeding him tasty fishy crackers she may or may not have dropped on the floor

for those of ya'll late to the party, Wave Rider is Bruce's eventual kid with Stormy. Details on how she came to be are heeere (pardon the old art):
Wave Rider by Lopoddity        Dad-mum Misadventures by Lopoddity
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OMG SO CUTE <dies from cuteness>
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ladyruthnineteen|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love these two!!! Awwww
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HoneyGoddess57|Student General Artist
This is so adorable.:aww:
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Wouldn't it be Disneigh to avoid copyright?
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True Story:
I used to do this exact thing with my Uncle Willy when I was a toddler.
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Evilhumour-Author|Hobbyist Digital Artist
so adoralbe.
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CloureedArt|Hobbyist General Artist
I sweat there was a sketch of Wave Rider meeting Cut Throat as a filly, does anyone have a link for that?
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TheOwlGoesMoo|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my Lord that story is absolutely adorable. That's just so perfectly on point!
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kipoko|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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okay this is adorable and funny but Finding Nemo would have been HILARIOUS bc of the big shark Bruce XDD
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SerenityTheDreamer|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so adorable 
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Kid-MartianEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
"A tiny, adorable tyrant." I can't help it; that's my favorite part of this whole thing.
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FennAndGold|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is how to torture your family members 101 with wittle Wave Rider
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Also I respect what you draw 🤗🤗
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I adore your drawings keep up the good work
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wait, when you say "bloody awful movie" you do not mean literally ... yes?
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AvocadoAfro|Hobbyist Artist
:rofl: :love: So cute~ 
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Noxella206|Student Digital Artist
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MlpFanKAR|Hobbyist Digital Artist
God, my kid is fucking nuts.

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cute ^_^
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FNAFBonnieBunny626|Hobbyist Filmographer

I T S  "A T E"
jk ily and ur art
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mooniiblu|Hobbyist General Artist
maybe it's because wave rider is still young
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ScribblySkiesStudios|Student General Artist


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