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"Cupcake, I'm afraid I...mustache you a question."

"....Six times. You have used that joke six times today, Boss."

"Well, maybe if you'd just answer my question already, I wouldn't have to keep asking! Or are you...shaving it for later?"

"....That's it. I'm shaving that thing off in your sleep."

So while I was digging through my old notes to compile my mega Pandoraverse retrospective journal: Pandoraverse Secret Art:15K Watcher Special! Hoooly hell, when did I hit 15,000 watchers? Oh my gooooosh, you guys know how to make a lady feel special. XD While I have been busy with Steven Universe art, I do eventually plan to get back to the Pandoraverse...in the meantime, in honor of all you lovely peep's feedback and support, let's have a look back at how the Pandoraverse developed! (Lots of my old crummy art will be shown here, with commentary by yours truly) Thanks again! :D Buckle up guys, it's gonna be a long ride
My First MLP art thingies (fail, fail, fail)

Behold, my first attempts at digitally drawn ponies, way back in 2011. Drink in that god-awful anatomy. Gaze upon Rainbow's broken wings and wonky boneless hooves and oh god how was there a point in my life where i considered this good oh god
Old cover art for a comic project I never starte
(Check it out! Lots of unseen Pandoraverse concept art in thar), I found one old note of interest:

"If male draconequii, namely Discord, grow beards, maybe the females grow mustaches?"

It was an old idea I had, that Pan's adult design would inexplicably have a fabulous sweet lady 'stache. I never used this idea/forgot about it, which I kinda regret, cuz look how gosh darn fabulous Panny looks. Maybe she only grows one if she's feeling particularly fancy. I've always viewed Pan as fairly genderfluid, with a love for top hats, monocles, and fancy fitted suits. She's totally down to crossdress for a chaos mission even if it is in no way relevant for the mission. Cupcake is normally very indulgent of this behavior but not when it involves mustache jokes
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Discord: "Pandora, can I please have my beard back?"