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me and my brother hanging out during quarantine (he's depicted here as a therizinosaurus, mostly bc i wanted to draw one)

1.) I heard keeping plants is good for mental health during quarantine, so I scooped up a lil moon cactus on one of my grocery runs. Angus is the third cactus I ever owned (RIP his predecessors, Florence and Kevin) and I am definitely not going to overwater it this time

ps. I named him after Angus Young!

2.) To help stave off boredom, I dug up my old ass dvd collection. So far we've watched Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Men in Black, Pokemon: The First Movie, and a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh, but where we really struck gold was season 1 of Transformers. My brother hates it cuz it's hokey and old and the animation is wonky and the plot is on meth and the human characters are named Spike and goddamned Sparkplug and it's all so, so stupid

Or so my brother says. He also demanded to watch every single episode


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so did Angus live? :D

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Tyuu I have the same cactus )
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Transformers was my childhood :D
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holy hek i actually had one of those cactai, it's called a moon cactus ;w;

it uh, died due to me leaving it in my school locker for a month lmao
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Well this is interesting. Did you watch the Transformers movie? The one from the 80's, not the bad one.
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How do you determine the dinosaur species of other people? 
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I just pick a species I think fits their personality (made my mom a tyrannosaur), and it can be helpful to ask. My brother said he’d like to be something tall and skinny. My first thought was oviraptor, then I settled on a therizinosaurus
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Interesting. I was thinking it was based on appearance (which, in my case, would qualify me as either some kind of ankylosaurid or ceratopsian, possibly either a euoplocephalus or the triceratops itself). Though now I'm honest-to-goodness curious as to what kind of dinosaur you see me as. 
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The first season of Transformers is in hindsight the weakest of the 3 full seasons.  I had episodes of seasons 2 and 3 on VHS tapes that continued to entertain me as I grew up, but when I got season 1 on DVD it didn't really measure up to them.  I don't hate it, I just feel sad that the first season put so many people revisiting it or trying it for the first time off when it gets better later.
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Cool I like classic 80's trasnformers
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Your brother is a mood
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lol sounds like a plan! funny, never realize how many movies/tv series (via dvd) u hav until u get so bored u need to watch SOMETHING new-ish

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The plot being on meth is what makes Transformers worthwhile!

Therizinosaurus was already my favorite dino, but seeing one in a baseball hat is even better
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Aww this is really nice
I love to doodle often too 😊
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YES MORE DINOSAURS. Everything as dinosaurs! Dog! Ponies! All dinosaurs!

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This is good content.
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STAHHHSCREEAAM! Steal my energon cube ONE MORE TIME and I will send you to the well of all sparks myself!
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Just a quick question.
Have you played The Isle?
I feel like you would have fun xD

And yay plants and Transformers!
(I'm being really lazy with even starting to garden =.= )
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Aw, love the happy dino smile! ^^

(Great, now I wanna see the acid trip transformers :'D)

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I fell in love with Theris a few years ago after I got a hella cool figure of one and still to this day they're one of my favs <3
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Fun fact : in french, the G1 Decepticons were renamed Decepticans with an a replacing the o, most likely because if you were to pronounce "un decepticon" in literal french, it would sound like "one of those lil' shitheads"! Always found it amusing.
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Do you play The Isle?? I love the game and instantly recognized the Theri!

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