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been rewatching pony episodes

Brotherhooves Social was kinda weirdly mean-spirited (haha, lookit the man in the dress haha so funnie), but I did very much enjoy the insight into Big Mac's character, his sweet motivation to be closer to his little sister, and their adorable little moment together at the end, t'was very genuine and heartwarming~

The character of "Orchard Blossom" could be seen as a one-off joke (though I still don't get what so funny about a dude in a dress. Some guys like to wear dresses, big deal) but the thing that seemed interesting to me was another instance in Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep, where Mac has a fantasy about not only becoming an alicorn, but what appears to be a sparkling, giggling, pretty alicorn princess. "Orchard Blossom" becomes much more interesting when viewed in context with the dream fantasy 'I'm a pretty princess' thing.

What could this mean about Big Mac? Sure, the case could be made that these instances are purely meant as jokes, but I like (over)analyzing stuff. Anything could be speculated-Big Mac possibly has gender dysphoria, or Big Mac is genderfluid, or Big Mac enjoys feeling feminine, or Big Mac likes to wear dresses and make-up, or Big Mac just really likes alicorns? Is Orchard Blossom just an act, or an entire persona he's constructed? I just find it really interesting that Big Mac, the big buff manly stallion, has these prominent forays into femininity. Whatever the case, he looked pretty in his dress.

i'm probably digging too deep into this, but what are your thoughts on the meaning behind "Orchard Blossom"?
please keep it polite and respectful in the comments section guys, no fighting about candy colored horses

i just like dudes crossdressing okay and i wish more children's media explored gender identity (respectfully of course)
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