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"C'mon, baby girl, don't be shy. Go on and say hello to Missus Flutterbye."

".....*tiny horse squeak*."

"Hehee, awww. Close enough, Dashie."


me and kilala watched a few old gen 1 mlp movies
they are very entertaining and hilariously fast-paced (seriously a ton of shit goes down in like twenty minutes alone)

i liked feisty Firefly, and I've always liked the fanon that she is Rainbow Dash's mom
fiddled with her design just a bit, gave her dash's eye color

Dashie is about a month old here, i think MLP baby ponies just take a few weeks to start walking/stumbling about
she can't fly yet though, her feathers aren't developed. For now she's covered in fluffy down, like a baby chick, and that makes snuggling and giving her kissies quite irresistible to Firefly

she also can't talk yet, just can make teeny whinnies and squeaks

i think for the first few months of her life, Rainbow was quite shy and quiet and preferred to stick close to mommy. It wasn't until she started really interacting with other kids that she gained her feisty loud-mouth personality.

Firefly did love styling her filly's hair with pretty ribbons and bows while she could get away with it tho
there's definitely a secret family album somewhere filled with photos of smiling baby dash in pretty, frilly dresses

the "missus flutterbye" in the dialogue above is my headcanon-y name for fluttershy's mother.
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How is DA just now showing me this? It's too cute!

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Personally I like this better than the overly attached canon parents.
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ADORABLE! But to bad Firefly isnt Dashie's mom :( BUT STILL CUTE!!!
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Yeah, she was asked something like that, and she clearly stated that she does not give a fuck on the canon parents and will jeep Pandora verse the same.
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Oh, well . . thanks!
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Everyone believes Firefly is Dash's mom. Me included!!!! Love this so freaking much!!!! *snuggles baby Dash*
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Firefly "IS" Rainbow Dash`s Mother!!!!!!!
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U look`t on Google right that why u said Yeah!!!!
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Yup i was curious about her mom after seeing the episode with her dad. 
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>u < hes a boy      (Sorry I need to say it  >u <)
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What are you talking about? The dad or rainbow?
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Isn't that one of the peasases from like, gen 1 or something???
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911, I need your help, I'm having a cuteness overload! Seriously though, baby Dashie is freakin adorable! 
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soooooooo cuteeeee I GONA EXPLOSE
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*tiny horse squeak*
Dawwwww. Also fluff
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