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Comm: Pandora's Doll

Commissioned by :iconmglitch:
i let ya'll come up with the context for this one
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Aww! Cute! :happybounce: :happybounce: Daisy excited Daisy excited 
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Is this a... TWICORD BABY?
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art goals ;-; so beautiful 
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I hope your fully aware this is being stolen
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Could you prove that?
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no not this piece, this is the original. Many people I have seen are stealing this artwork
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Sadly, yes.

My Friend knows someone who got fined on DA for art theift
it was around $160!
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Wow. Welp, That's they're fault. :3 I have never been charged for art theft.
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Because you haven't stolen anything, or I hope not XD
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Aww is so cute! Free Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon 
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Sorry i seneded this to the wrong art.
can u remove that?
Sweating a little... 
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An alternate dimension where Panny finds a little doll during one of her wanderings, which she dubs Cupcake. She treated Cupcake as though she were real, giving her food and playing with her, talking to her about her worries and hopes, napping with her and taking her to school in her backpack. She was always careful with Cuppy, and took care of her, stitching her up when she got "injured" and making her tiny raincoats and scarves and boots, and eventually, tiny armor made of cardboard and imagination.

One day, when Pandora was a teenager and feeling especially blue about the lack of ponies who appreciated her, for her, rather than simply respecting her for her title or fearing her for her magic, she went on a huge rant and finally ended up sobbing her heart out, clutching her little Cupcake tightly. And then, Cupcake spoke, looking straight up at Panny and telling her that she wasn't alone, she had Cuppy, and she would never stop loving her or being her friend.

Whether there is another-dimensional-Cupcake that has a teensy-weensy Pandora doll she'd always talk to and they were connected in that way, or if Cupcake-the-dolly simply came to life because of extreme exposure to chaos magic or what is up to you, I like both ideas equally, to be honest.
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Awww....cute as a button;)
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cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cute! Gaster Icon   
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Indeed!Pandora is very cute! :lovesquee:
 Is obvious that she's the Discordy'd daughter.So,the next question is:who' her mom? :hmm:
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Her mother is Twilight Sparkle :D
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 WHAT? :jawdrop:  I guess that Fluttershy would be a better match to Discord.  :roll:
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Haha yeah, maybe so xD
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Well,she is the sole pony that like him. :heart:
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