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omg it looks so awesome
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Donkey and Dragon from "Shrek" ship this....
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Wow, Luna and Godzilla Jr.'s filly looks badass and beautiful.  I love the design of her reptilian wings and how her horn is a mix between the horns of both of her parents.  The red sclera, golden eyes, and reptilian pupil she inherited from her old man makes her look badass while the starry mane and tail from her mom makes her look gorgeous.  Instant fav.
Weidenlied's avatar
Ohh, those wicked eyes! Wonder what that character gets up to when nobody is looking^^
RMC1618's avatar
Great design for a LunZilla kid!. Seems to take after her mother mostly, so I can imagine her disposition might be more like her father. Definitely seems like an interesting character to explore.
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aww that bat pony id wicked and so amzing
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MonsterMasher137's avatar
I like it. The parts reminiscent of GJr are noticeable enough for somebody to realize that it's Godzilla's child.
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Very much like this one.. 
reminds me bit of an old mlp character i made a long while ago...
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Very interesting, I like the piece.
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Numbuh-27's avatar
DANG! They're pretty! :)
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OC Night Batpony is awesome!
FuyuStorm's avatar
She's part Kaiju from her father side. She looks like a Bat-Alicorn because she has bat wings here. Their suppose to be bigger, Dragon like wings. I guess I fuck up the details, so my bad there. ^^;
templar127's avatar
Aww but it looks great! Plus I like the Kaiju side :)
SpectrumRDG's avatar
Wow, this looks almost identical to my OC, the wings, the colour and the horn, all the same as my OC
SnowyLilacs's avatar
lol if its a Luna child,all OCs will look the same
MorcegoCinzento's avatar
Bat Alicorn are awesome, very beautiful.
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