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Comm: Let's go already!

type 2 commission for :iconsnickers222:
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reminds me of Simba when he bit on Mufasa's ear to get him up and motivated :) so cute! 
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That is awesome! You really are a magnificent artist, I could never draw as well as you, even if I tried. :"c
By the way, how are the commissions done? I mean, how can I get you to draw my ponies? (if you wouldnt mind of course)
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omg! what a cutie! ^^
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They are so adorable.
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It's nice work, is it from My Little Pokemon?
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gods so good well done
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Gosh, it's adorable! X3
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"Wha'cha readin'?"

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Aww they’re cute
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wow, the mare is super pretty!
great picture!!
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Whenever I see those words, I hear it being said in the Bender voice.
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Just thinking that!
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