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Comm: Ira

type 3 commission for :iconxxbeariexx:

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Oooh another draconius oc! Stylish :0
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D: I ... I need some money to poke you to doodle my noodle.

... pun wasn't originally intended but I'm running with it now.
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Is it a bisexual flag? Sorry if it's not. XD Maybe I'm just crazy ))
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very nice! perfectly
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I like the pose and shading!
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Such beautiful noodle dragon! X3
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She looks wonderful and I love the lighting.
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Am i not noodley enough for the noodle club

Lol good job lop
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Very cool, nicely done.
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Your art is stunning really
I love your shading, and colors, and your line work
It's just so goodHeart 
great picture!!
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Pretty noodle, great work as always
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this is beautiful and the character is even more so! I wish I had skill like you do! ;m;
HoneyPupDragon's avatar
This is pretty cool Lop, nice job!
Kingkandick's avatar
This would be fine if lop was asking for critiques. But she's not, is she? You have the audacity to post rude comments on someone else' pictures even though your entire gallery is just porn.
This particular piece is a commission, so even if you don't like it- it doesn't matter, because it's for someone who loves lop's artwork, someone who gladly paid for something like this to be done.

I don't understand why people like you must tear someone down just because they don't like the way their artwork is. I've had it on my own deviations and I'm sure that many others have as well. 
It's not fair to us who are actually trying & don't want critiques. 

So please don't just spread criticism (that isn't even good) where it isn't wanted.
Lopoddity's avatar
I appreciate the defense, but I do enjoy receiving criticism, even if I haven't explicitly asked for critiques. I'm wearing my big girl pants, I don't need every feedback about my work to be praise. Unfortunately, that wasn't criticism, it was some sad troll trying to pick a fight.....not just with me, but with a few people here.
Kingkandick's avatar
I understand. 
I know every comment you get doesn't need to be praise,
but I feel like you deserve it for the kind of skill you have
& it really irks me when someone comments something like this on my posts,
so I figured I'd try to save you the hassle of having to deal with it.
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