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Anyone else get reminded or Skyrim?
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He makes me remember albert wesker from hes eyes ,right ?
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Not gonna lie, thought it was the ponysona off Genn Greymane, King of Gilneas
NinjafishDA's avatar
Same thought line here.
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hope I can commission you someday
I love how you draw hair
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I like this guy. He seems so utterly broken and done with life. Reminds me of myself, if I had a doctorate.

I mean, you can´t wear a lab coat without a doctorate, can you now?
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Damn, he looks good. Wow.
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Hmm well he's certainly very sexy Hmm I suppose another name for him could Pony of Life?
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I like his design, it's so cool :)
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Very nicely done, love your designs.
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I feel like this would be Gaster from Undertale's OC if he were a pony XD
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How fricking true. Especially the one from handplates.
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Yes oh my gosh XD
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He does smoke!
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I feel weird for saying this, but that is a sexy stallion.
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Sweet I can't wait
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