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Comm: Capturing Beauty

"Oh, Twilight, my dear, draw me like one of your french mares!"

type 1 commission for :iconmglitch: , Twilight drawing Discord as a fun date night idea

edit: appropriate accompanying music to set the mood (for the love of god, please listen past the first twenty seconds):…
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i've been laughing at this for a whole year
dont you mean "draw me like one of your mouldy prench noodles"
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Also something you may not have known but clearly MUST KNOW

Q from Startrek and Discord have the same actor
Explains alot, doesnt it?
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Titanic reference?
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Coveniently placed drawing book is convenient
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The portrait is absolutely beautiful
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I this made my day and I somehow see them doing this and with the music playing in the background 
that song is so beautiful
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Checks out new picture....

Reads artist notes.... (doh), can’t use ‘draw me...’ quote....

listens to suggested music past 25 seconds....

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I listened to the link song and I'm not disappointed. It is very appropriate and fits nicely.
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draw me like one of your french mares

discord is truly the best one
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I never really thought about MLP pairing until I found your gallery and as soon as I found your page I fell in love with Twicord. My question is with what seems to be most fans to be Fluttercord fans how did you fall in love(become a fan) of Twicord?
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is that the equivalent of drawing a cartoon version of a person irl? lol
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Love twilight's pseudo realistic interpretation of discord and discord's obligatory duck face XD
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Idk, but the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw Twi's portrait was "Prince."  Like, the musician? lol
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Nice to see that they're still coming up with new ways to spend the evening. 
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How majesty! She caught his "real" side!
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That's a really interesting style you have going on with Discord's illustration.  
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"Make sure you get my good side"
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