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CLOSED: Why Not NextGen by Lopoddity CLOSED: Why Not NextGen by Lopoddity
EDIT: Auction is now CLOSED. Thank you everone who participated! Congratulations to the highest bidders!
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Pixie Pinwheel :icontoxnsox: (BOUGHT)

Hayloft :iconrocherun:

Galaxy :icon88aurora88:
Lovely Heart :iconiindorm:
TripleEDIT:Reminder-The auction ends at 12:00 am EST, February 13! It's currently 7pm, so we've got 5 hours til the auction is over! Please bid accordingly-characters will go to the highest bidder!

Edit: I've been advised to remove the "autobuy" option. Notice: There is no longer an option to autobuy! Please continue to bid accordingly. :)
EDIT: Dootdoot, just selling off some old nextgens of mine. All the guys are up for auction!
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  • PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers Where to start bids is indicated below. Paypal only, in American dollars. No points will be accepted. The winner must be able to pay in full, upfront, within 24 hours. If not, she will be sold to another buyer.
  •  PLEASE REPLY TO THE LAST HIGHEST BIDDER WHEN MAKING A BID ON A DESIGN IN THE COMMENTS! You can follow the links provided below to each design's individual bid.
  • If you can't pay within 24 hours, please don't bid. Holds on designs will not be allowed.
  • You can rename them, alter their personality, colors, whatevs
  • Do not re-sell.
  • No bid retracting.

END TIME: February 13, 2018 12:00am EST



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bae made up a new set of nextgens, so why not make one up too, i'm a glutton for punishment

i call this the Omniverse. It's distinguished from the Pandoraverse in that the mane six ponies (Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy) are all married to one another in one big ol' polyamorous love herd thing (Omniship). Yes, they all love each other romantically. These are some of their babs (conceived with the help of powerful alicorn magic of course) plus one draconequus

Pixie Pinwheel ("Penny") Rainbow Dash x Pinkie Pie
A super bubbly ball of infectious energy. Penny is loud, exuberant, innocent, air-headed, and kind of lacks a social filter, tending to blurt out random non-sequiturs or bizarre observations. She's a bit of a ditz, but we'll forgive her. Because she's a clumsy flier, Pinwheel works instead as a professional cheerleader for the Wonderbolts. She is very popular with ponies her age.

Hayloft ("Lofty") Applejack x Fluttershy
Quiet, shy, soft-spoken, melancholy. Most often seen peeking at ponies through his mane, or hiding up in the trees at Sweet Apple Acres. Lofty has that good ol' Apple family bulk, meaning that he can't actually fly very high with his undersized wings. Loft is incredibly strong and a good worker, but prefers to keep to himself, or in the company of his mothers. Takes a long time to warm up to and speak in front of new ponies. Lofty enjoys privately singing, and likes to decorate his mane with flower crowns, fancy ribbons, and pretty hairclips.

Galaxy ("Gal") Twilight Sparkle x Rarity
As the daughter of an alicorn hero princess and a renown fashionista, Galaxy is under a lot of pressure to live up to her moms. She does indeed study hard at magic and try her best, but honestly, she'd prefer a quiet night eating instant noodles and reading magical mare manga. Galaxy is quite socially awkward and always seems to stumble over her words and hooves...she fears she'll never make friends and dazzle ponies like her mothers can. Her talent lies in all aspects of nerd culture-designing and sewing amazing cosplay outfits, religiously devouring novels and comics, writing scads of fanfiction, creating and arguing fan theories...Galaxy is pretty embarrassed of her passions and hides behind a facade of dedicated student. Unknown to her, her published nerdy writing (under a pen name), secretly auctioned cosplay outfits, and hobbies are enjoyed by countless ponies across Equestria.

Lovely Heart Discord x Princess Cadence
A sly, flirty, silver-tongued, manipulator. Lovely is the result of a fun drunken three day weekend "experiment" between the Princess of Love and the Lord of Chaos. Lovely Heart looks sweet on the outside, but underneath his pretty exterior lies a sinister being that isn't afraid to manipulate others into getting whatever he wants. He loves to bask in the adulation and love of his countless suitors, males and females alike ("Oh, another love letter? Add it to the pile, please.") . Lovely is for the most part a calm, sultry, classy fellow, but he's also quite spoiled and vain, and packs an explosive temper if crossed. Possesses unique love magic similar to Cadence. To his mother he plays the part of an innocent cute loving baby kitten, while his father knows of his more sinister exploits and is quite proud of Lovely. I imagine him with the voice of Tim Curry.



Bid for Pixie Pinwheel here:…

Bid for Hayloft (Lofty) here:…

Bid for Galaxy (Gal) here:…

Bid for Lovely Heart here:…
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