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doodle of a drabble by :iconroboheather:

At the age of twenty, Ishmael Carcharodon might have been still considered quite young by common standards, but really, the stallion had matured well beyond most of his peers. Life hadn't always been kind to him, but he was glad for it. He was tougher for it. Stronger. Smarter. Braver. Nature weeded out the weak, and that was how he handled any crisis thrown his way; with a straight spine, teeth bared, charging headlong into any dangerous situation and not stopping until he had crushed everything else into submission. Ishmael Carchardon didn't fear nothin'. 

Except, of course, when he did.

One of the few situations in his life that couldn't be solved with fists or a glare or an unwillingness to admit weakness......was the night Fey went into labor. Those first few hours were admittedly a blur of panic when his small wife, (her normally slender form round and heavy with their child), had stood up from the breakfast table, suddenly gasped and gripped the table for support- and her water broke all over their chipped kitchen floor. 

The ride to the hospital was a blur. Fey was gritting her teeth and clenching his hand as tight as she could (her tiny hands, so delicate and soft in his calloused grip. He was always worried when they'd first gotten together that'd he'd accidentally squeeze her hand too hard), as the contractions hit and their world descended into chaos. At the hospital he'd refused to leave her side, snarling at any of the nurses that dared try herd him into the waiting room. He might not be able to fight away Fey's pain, or the sudden jolt of fear when blood appeared between her legs, but by God he wasn't leaving her side. He could at least do that much.

With one final, strong push, she fell back against the bed, panting for breath, too exhausted to even open her eyes....and Ishmael was left dumbfounded as a wet, wailing, silver bundle of fuzz and tiny hands and a teeny little nub of a tail was gently settled on his wife's chest. Fey's beautiful eyes creaked open, and she made a quiet, nearly pained sound as she drank in the baby's angry little scowl and already huge eyebrows. Her eyes welled with tears and her face lit up in the most tender expression her husband had ever seen her make....and in a heartbeat, she was peppering tired kisses to its pudgy cheeks, gently caressing its naked, fluffy back. 

A boy, Ishmael dimly hears the doctor announce in the background. A boy. A son. His son. Of course this is his son. He's big for a newborn, yet at the same time impossibly tiny. So strong in his body already, yet Ishmael is all too (terrifyingly) aware of his precious vulnerability. He carefully reaches out his hand and gently takes the baby's hand (tiny. So goddamned tiny), and feels his son's little fingers curl around one of giant ones. And the stallion feels something hot prick his eyes. In that moment, Ishmael is overwhelmed by the love and fierce protectiveness and unbelievable pride he's feeling. His son...his beautiful, strong, perfect boy. 

His Butchie.


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SkaiDaHogwartsGal's avatar
No they were HAPPY wahhhh
CrimsonFireNightress's avatar
What if Bruce was born first? Same looks, talents and 'destiny' n whatever, would Bruce have been the one to drown? Or would he have not drowned at all?
Coelophysis's avatar
Ishmael Carcharodon. That's one hell of a name. 
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My cute

So angry baby
Foxy-Fabulous's avatar
Curious about how Butchie passes
geezylps's avatar
fluffywolf58's avatar
Kratos @ atreus: B O Y
ColorfulCrystals's avatar
The title reminds me of Kratos calling out to Atreus, except in Ishmael's voice.

"B O Y."
BloodDrop2004's avatar
you aren't the only one, like jesus all i can here is Kratos
shypegasister10's avatar
Aww, I wish they could’ve stayed like this :( 
They used to be so happy...
5bluehalos's avatar
Lol the baby looks like he's over it XD
Axewolfmay's avatar
Adorable angry babies!!! I love the way yall can put into a characters story- it warms my heart!!!
meganhulan's avatar
too many feels!
Undertaletrasha's avatar
They usually start happy...
"Needlessly long and depressed sigh"
LezzyBugO3O's avatar
Whoa, he can actually smile? Huh... Still, a very sweet picture
Golden-Risuto's avatar
Aww, this made my heart melt :3
VulcanTheWulf's avatar
Now we'd love to see when Bruce was born
Starburst333's avatar
It's kind of sad how everything started okay and then went downhill 
EdenDragon's avatar
lol facial hair on furries
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