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Applejack's parents headcanon: Howdy.

wow hey i'm not dead, apparently
wonder who these two pricks are

jk they're Applejack's parents, on the day they first met. I've never really seen a design for them that I really liked, so I gave it a shot. This is purely speculation. Lengthy headcanon ahead!

   -Johnny Appleseed: The son of Granny(known then as Annie) Smith, Johnny grows bored of his simple life as an apple farmer and travels to the bustling city of Manehattan. He tells his mother that he's going away to learn business, but the truth is, Johnny is nothing more than a lazy, philandering, silver-tongued con man. He finds city folk to be very loose with their money, and armed only with his winning smile and trusty Stetson hat, Johnny charms a whole lotta good ponies out of their coins. Deep down, however, he can't shake the feeling that this is somehow wrong, and that perhaps his true place is back home, watching the apple orchard fields come into bloom. So he develops an odd habit of planting apple seeds wherever he goes, in a somewhat futile effort to feel more at home in the big city. Johnny has quite a way with mares, but will meet his match in the earnest and kind lady pony right there. His cutie mark is a bitten apple with seeds scattered about. He is the proud owner of the most bitchin' sideburns in all of Equestria.

   -Honeybell Tangelo: A member of the esteemed Manehattenite Orange family, Honey, too, is bored with her day to day life. She is very intelligent and sweet, generous and genuine, characteristics the city doesn't exactly welcome. She speaks with that cute upper crust accent Applejack adopts in "The Cutiemark Chronicles". She also hides an impatience streak a mile wide and is a bit of a snob. Johnny will eventually help her get over her fear of dirt and the uncouth, and she learns to revel in being an earth pony.  Her cutie mark is a jar of honey and an orange slice.

       Johnny is hitting on her here, but she is about to alert him to the fact that he smells like an unwashed vagrant and offer him a place to shower. They become wary friends,with her amused by Johnny's rustic tall tales and southern charm, and him infatuated with her sophisticated mannerisms and tendency to give him free food. As the months wear on, their friendship strengthens. Honey has the uncanny ability to see through Johnny's bullcrap charismatic facade, and finds the miserable and homesick farmer within. Reluctantly, he admits to his unhappiness and conflicted feelings about swindling good people out of their hard-earned bits.(By now, her kindness has begun to rub off on him). She suggests that he return the money and go be a gosh darn apple farmer already. He agrees, but only if she comes with. So they run away together, having grand adventures across Equestria, planting apple orchards and orange groves, helping and inspiring ponies, going where the wind takes them. They eventually fall in love and settle down at little Sweet Apple acres, where they have their first child, a teeny little colt they name Macintosh.

I think it's neat that Johnny Appleseed's initials are Applejack's backwards. :I And yup,  the hat that she wears belonged to her Pa, in my head at least.

How did they die? Or are they simply missing? That, my viewers, I leave to you. ;)
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This isn't aj's parents
aj's parents are bright Mac and pear butter
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She made this before we saw Applejack's parents. So it was an assumption/headcanon.
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Very unique head cannonsWink/Razz !
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god I hate it when the show ruins your beautiful headcannons
pear butter still p cute tho
note as cute as honeybell
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-scrunchface intensifies-
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this is cool tho, cause in the newest episode of MLP, applejack is being held by some pony with green fur? so congrats on the design ;)
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That stallion was clearly yellow. :/
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Yeah, it was Bright Mac
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You said he was "clearly green".
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I didn't say that.
xXMidnightMuffinXx's avatar
Oh. I understand now that it was someone else. Sorry, I don't usually keep track of names and icons.
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Yeah, it happens. I do that all the time. XD
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It's especially impossible to tell who someone is when you follow a bunch of people and you get really confused about their vents, rants, and existential shit.
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I think that one of them would get stuck under a huge apple tree while bucking apples and would atleast be injured badly or something, idk. Just popped up in my head
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I'd love to see these two again!t
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Can I use AJ's mothers design for an artwork? I'll credit you.
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And then they get ripped to pieces by Timberwolves. The End.
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Johnny Appleseed is the most original male pony art I have ever seen! Wonderfull!
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I miss your art of these guys ;)
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