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All's Fair In Love and Chaos


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this is a smidge saucier than my typical stuff so it gets a mature tag

doodle dump of Twilight and Discord, my favorite nonsensical otp

1.) aw, ur rubbing off on him twily

Okay so. Y'all might've noticed that my content lately has been focusing on entirely new characters and storylines and whatnot. This is because much of the older Pandoraverse characters and content (most of which was first made seven years ago) has long grown stale and flat to me. Even Twicord. My oldest, dumbest OTP. Which is a problem, cuz the Pverse was kinda built on the Twicord ship.

Sooo. Just out of boredom, I rewatched the episode that first got me into this ship, Princess Twilight Sparkle. Here's a relevant clip:…

And it was like a brick to the face. I remember why I fell in love with this whack ass ship. It's because of their dynamic in that episode. Discord is his regular trickster dick self, but he's also a mentor to Twilight. Sort of. In his own incredibly unhelpful way. And even though Twilight is like hey buddy friendo pal if you keep this cryptic shit up for another minute i'm actually going to murder you, the thing is, Discord actually does help her. Even though he has no reason to. He's fascinated and invested and honestly kinda flirty with her for some unexplained reason, he's the meddlesome Q to Twilight's Jean-Luc Picard. And I just find that dynamic really interesting and charming. The show moved away from it in later seasons, with Discord moving away from treating Twilight like a plaything and into just being an ass to everyone. I wish they'd done more with Discord as an omnipotent meddling mentor. Especially since a lot of Twilight's early personality (y'know, back when she was sarcastic, skeptical, a bit introverted, prone to anxiety, etc) got scrubbed away in later seasons, and she sorta became a purple copy of Celestia. Discord's antics often bring Twilight's flaws (her temper, ego, snootiness) rushing back to the forefront so she can snap at him, and idk, it's fun to watch her be a little shit again. Twilight feels more "human" around Discord, and less like a bland dispenser of friendship morals. I guess that's why I enjoy their interactions so much.

Anyway, I'd like to incorporate more of Discord and Twi's old relationship dynamic into the pandoraverse. I think Discord and Twilight are in a strange, nebulous quasi-relationship, but not married. Marriage is simply antithetical to a being of chaos, and Twilight can't see herself settling down with that hot mess. Discord is not even around much of the time, popping up mostly to annoy Twi/make some misguided poorly communicated attempt at wooing her. Twilight doesn't have a lot of patience for this. Discord can admittedly be charming sometimes, buuut mostly she just finds him exasperating, especially in his odd attempts to steer her in learning about harmony/friendship/magic/etc. Twi and Discord do still have their oopsie baby together, Pandora, whom they both do love, even if she's the glue that keeps them stuck together forever. They are also not an exclusive couple. Twilight has tried dating a couple of pleasant, straight-laced ponies (Flash Sentry, her old friend Moondancer, etc), cuz she figures she should probably model a functional relationship for her daughter, but these relationships always flicker and die, because Twilight secretly finds her partners a bit dull, and would rather be alone with her research. Or at least she could be if Discord didn't routinely pop up to drag her off onto some terrifying adventure/insist on a picnic together with Panny in the third dimension/poke fun at her newest dating partner/steal her fanfictions for dubious purposes/generally be a pest. A pest that she maybe-kinda-sorta enjoys-in small doses- but a pest all the same.

Although they don't like to define their relationship, Discord absolutely will introduce her to ponies as his wife if it means she gets flustered and huffy. Discord is definitely in love with Twilight and often can't help acting like a moronic schoolboy with a crush. He's an omnipotent immortal entity that saw a dinky purple horse and went "yep, that's the one for me", and never looked back. Twilight's feelings are more vague....but she does get curiously worried when Discord is missing for too long. He is perhaps the only being left in Equestria that can truly challenge her, force her to grow, and keep her guessing, and she can't help but appreciate that. The closest word Twi can use to describe Discord is her......well, baby daddy, which she hates cuz it doesn't seem very fitting for a Canterlot-raised princess. Though her friends worry about her and sometimes try to set Twi up with a nice pony, Twilight has confided (while sloppy drunk on red wine), that she's perfectly content with her life as is, with her friends and Spike and her little girl, and the the village idiot she's screwing sometimes. It's not the life she thought she'd have, but honestly, she's pretty interested to see where it goes next.

2.) Twilight and Discord's personalities are intensely opposed in many areas, but in their private lives they are shockingly compatible

Discord likes: domination, being put in his place, exhibitionism, handsome evil unicorn kings

Twilight likes: control, putting would-be foes in their place, reforming villains (sometimes through unconventional means).....and handsome evil unicorn kings 

so some time after the events of the show, when Discord's poorly-thought-out Grogar plan leaves the question of what to do with newly resurrected Sombra, Twilight recruits Discord to teach the king a lesson in friendship, sharing, and getting along. It didn't work in the slightest, but great fun was had by all

3.)  And I would do anything for love,
Oh I would do anything for love~
Oh I would do anything for love-
But I won't do that~


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peikonhannantupsu's avatar

Loving twilight's colors in this one

Aribunni's avatar

Dear god please draw more sombra

n8dagr8088's avatar

discord and twilight trying to reform sombra with a threesome is weirdly hilarious to me

Lopoddity's avatar

the funniest part kinda worked

lavendereast's avatar

are we going to be seeing a lot less of Panny and the gang, then? :(

Lopoddity's avatar

No. When content and characters grow stale to me, I just figure out a way to make things fresh and interesting again. I did it last year with Cloudburst and Jam Sandwich, I did it this year by adding Montezuma to Smoky's story. The pandoraverse is in need of some updates, but this doesn't mean I've lost interest in the characters and aren't planning on drawing them anymore.

lavendereast's avatar

oh, phew! Yeah, I love how you added to Jammy, you're so good at character development!

Sombra look a lot like a Kirin like that... and is very hot. I feel confused

PringleTheChartreux's avatar

Ah Yes, "Friendship Bracelets"

jendoes's avatar

I absolutely love snarky/sassy Twi, and your re-look at this ship is so good!!

From what I've read in the above text, is it safe to say that Twilight and Discord have an open relationship?

Lopoddity's avatar

yup, door's wide open

DarkraixCresselia's avatar

I just noticed: what's that little pinkish mark on Discord's eagle wrist, just above the handcuff?

Lopoddity's avatar
DarkraixCresselia's avatar
PancilTip's avatar
OHHHH I've always loved your take on older Twilight for this AU but I also LOOOOVE how you draw younger Twi here, your Twis just never miss
Lopoddity's avatar
lalapop2003's avatar
I love this version of Twilight so much
She's better than the one from final episode
Thederpfluffer's avatar
I've noticed the colors look different. But it looks so pretty. I like it. Amazing work as always!
Curse-Never-Dying199's avatar

I kinda wanna see a non-canon speculative siblings idea between with Twilight and Sombra and Sombra and Discord now.

TheArtisticArtist24's avatar

I do quite like Aromantic Twily, I think it would be an interesting take on her (I know it's not stated in this sketch dump, but it's the vibe I got from it).

What I think would be a cool take is that maybe Twilight isn't Aro per say, she's felt romantic attraction before to ponies she's dated outside of Discord. But the idea of romance scares her to an extent? She views romance and relationships as unpredictable, and for a control freak like her, that makes her feel very anxious. Maybe she prefers Discord because she doesn't feel that way for him. Their relationship is chaotic and wild, but it isn't scary, it doesn't restrain her. And she likes that. That's why she always (begrudgingly) chooses Discord, even when there's way better partners out there.

Idk just my theory. But I totally be down for Aro Twi if that's what you choose to go with.

DreamStoryM's avatar

That last doodle mad me lol

fancylionfarts's avatar

I really love the animated faces you gave twi here, reminds me almost of anime characters and does an amazing job of reflecting her personality 🤣

CastoroChiaro's avatar

DAMN i feel you on the whole "they super dropped the ball with discord and his dynamic with twilight" because like...they were aiming for something so fun at first. then discord learned that he truly does value friendship and the writers had no clue what to do with him afterwards. AUGH. twilight's kingdom remains my favorite discord episode and yet it basically marks the death of any kind of consistent character arc or growth.

love the idea of them as a couple without a real label, just an unspoken longterm commitment. it feels right for them.

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