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Ur-Didact and IsoDidact symbols



The official press release for Halo: Silentium makes mention of the "Ur-Didact", stating that he and the Librarian are the last hope for sentient life in the galaxy. "Ur" is a German prefix meaning "original", suggesting that the original Didact was not actually executed by Faber; an extended description for the novel confirms this, revealing that the Ur-Didact actually survived, having been abandoned in a Flood-infested system.

Left: Bornstellar-Didact/IsoDidact symbol
Right: Ur-Didact symbol (Halo 4 antagonist)
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Didn't the Ur-Didact try to wipe out humanity?
(The IsoDidact activated the Halo array, but I think that's a little different)