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CMC Gone Fishin by BozzerKazooers CMC Gone Fishin :iconbozzerkazooers:BozzerKazooers 39 8
All-Star WarZone: Feedback
Entrance: Feedback walks onscreen and crackles with energy before taking a combat pose.
Exit: Feedback smirks in victory before firing a beam of energy at the camera.
Standard (Light): Lashes out with his plugs
Standard (Medium): Kicks
Standard (Heavy): Punches with all four fists
Launcher: Fires a beam of energy upwards
Aerial (Light): Kicks
Aerial (Medium): Fires a beam of energy
Aerial (Heavy): Punches
Crouching (Light): Punches
Crouching (Medium): Sweeps his arm across the ground
Crouching (Heavy): Fires a beam of energy forward
Grab: Frequency Throw
Feedback grabs the opponent and uses his tentacles to lift them up into the air, electrocute them, then slam them on the ground behind him.
Special Moves:
Frequency Burst: Feedback creates a short-range sphere of crackling energy around himself, inflicting multiple electric-damage hits to point-blank opponents. It is also good at neutralizing projectiles.
Frequency Shield: Feedback briefly puts up an energy shield, making projectile th
:iconultimatesaiyaneddy:UltimateSaiyanEddy 6 0
All-Star WarZone: Jasmine
Entrance: Jasmine is seen walking alongside Rajah before noticing the opponent. Rajah growls and takes a defensive stance while Jasmine looks at the opponent warily.
Exit: Jasmine smiles and pets Rajah to calm him down, and he snuggles up against her as the two gently sit down. Jasmine then smiles as a bird lands on her finger.
Standard (Light): Backhands
Standard (Medium): Slaps
Standard (Heavy): Kicks
Launcher: High Kick
Aerial (Light): High Kick
Aerial (Medium): Backhands
Aerial (Heavy): Axe Kick
Crouching (Light): Backhands
Crouching (Medium): Low Kick
Crouching (Heavy): Sweeping Kick
Grab: Get Back!
Jasmine grabs the opponent and kicks them away as Rajah quickly pounces onto them and mauls them a bit.
Special Moves:
Beauty Cartwheel: Jasmine does a rising cartwheel kick to knock the opponent into the air before launching herself forward for a spinning drop kick to knock them away.
Elegant Dodge: Jasmine rolls forward to dodge projectiles. If she is up close, she’ll suddenly
:iconultimatesaiyaneddy:UltimateSaiyanEddy 6 0
Magical Midnight Swim (Leo x Twilight) by BozzerKazooers Magical Midnight Swim (Leo x Twilight) :iconbozzerkazooers:BozzerKazooers 54 11 Loungin' Larry by DMKruiz Loungin' Larry :icondmkruiz:DMKruiz 30 16 Belly Dancer Larry 3.0 by Aso-Designer Belly Dancer Larry 3.0 :iconaso-designer:Aso-Designer 24 24
The Rockruff that Turned Werewolf - Part 2
Layla: So, to start off, what's your name?
Lycanroc: The name's Colten.
Layla: Colten? That's a very sweet name.
Colten: Thanks...
Layla: Now, uh. Colten. What was up with that beam of whatever it was that was attacking you?
Colten: *sighs* Getting straight to the point, huh?
Layla: I gotta know what I can.
Colten: Well, what you just saw wasn't some kind of evolution.
Layla: It wasn't?
Colten: No. I just went through a transformation.
Layla: Isn't it the same thing?
Colten: Not exactly. You see, every night, when the moon comes out. I had this urge to like howl at the moon.
Layla: Is it part of a condition? Or like a special ability of yours?
Colten: I think so. I'm not so sure what. So, when I started to howl, a purple beam comes down and absorbs my body and then I start to become this.
Layla: I see. I used to hear about stories of Pokemon turning into wolf-like Pokemon around nigh
:iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 6 0
Hatchling Days by Bowsaremyfriends Hatchling Days :iconbowsaremyfriends:Bowsaremyfriends 73 18 Bakugou and Venom by Ri0t-Shark Bakugou and Venom :iconri0t-shark:Ri0t-Shark 73 3
The Rockruff that Turned Werewolf - Part 1
Layla: Whew. Another day, another concert in the bag.
???: *howling*
Layla: Huh? What's that?
???: *howling, followed by painful noises*
Layla: *gasps* That doesn't sound good. I better go check what's going on.

When Layla gets to the scene, she notices a Rockruff feeling pain from what seems to be a purple beam.
Layla: Whoa! *looks up at the beam* What is that? Well, whatever it is, it's hurting that Rockruff. I gotta save it.
Layla tries to get to the beam, but she gets blasted away from its' power!
Layla: Gah! *notices a burnt mark on her arm* How did that burn into my fur?
As she turned her head, she sees a Midnight Form Lycanroc in its' place.

Layla: Did...Did that Rockruff just evolve?
Lycanroc: *coughing* This nonsense again. Every night, this always happens to me. And I don't even know why.
Layla: Hey. Are you okay?
Lycanroc: *turns his back to
:iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 8 0
Kyoka Jiro TG by Bersie1119 Kyoka Jiro TG :iconbersie1119:Bersie1119 20 1 Jasmine by larienne Jasmine :iconlarienne:larienne 4,867 158 Trust in Me, Twilight by jebens1 Trust in Me, Twilight :iconjebens1:jebens1 21 4 Leaders (Pic of the week MLPS7E15) by JonFawkes Leaders (Pic of the week MLPS7E15) :iconjonfawkes:JonFawkes 481 35 Rarity (LinkinParkFan420 Commission) by JonFawkes Rarity (LinkinParkFan420 Commission) :iconjonfawkes:JonFawkes 390 17 Commission: Princess zelda cheerleader by Patdarux Commission: Princess zelda cheerleader :iconpatdarux:Patdarux 394 19


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Wiz : Greats villains had always what they need to conqueer the world : army ,lots of weapon aaannnnnndddd.....

Boomstick : Two bunches of moron who likes more brawl than brains !

Wiz : Like Roy Koopa and Morton Koopa Jr , the two bullies of the koopalings .

Boomstick :And bebop and Rocksteady the most gigantic idiots mutants of the world .He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick .

Wiz :And it's our job to analyse their weapon ,armor and Skills to found out who will win a DEATH BATTLE !


Roy And Morton Koopa Jr  Rocks By Teamlando-d45ryo by LopDrieuna…

Wiz :  Roy and Morton are the two most strongest Koopalings in terms of strength in Bowser army .

Boomstick : Morton is a FREAKING CHATTER BOX WHO DON'T KNOW TO SHUT THE F### UP !!!!rage 

Wiz :And Roy a bully who likes to show himself cool .

Boomstick : Two idiots in one box the good Joke !

250px-MLSS+BM Art - Roy by LopDrieuna


Age : 17

Species : Koopa

Height :173 cm

Weight :130 kg

Likes : Bullying,eating and His brothers and sister

Power and abilities:

Super strenght : He has the ability to jump high into the air and use Ground pound to cause powerful tremors, capable of stunning (or even crushing) the Mario Bros as well as lifting a boulder twice his size to throw at the Mario Bros .

Wall climb : He can climb up vertical walls and drop down from the ceiling to create tremors .

Magic Wand : He can  use his wand to shoot  purple fireballs at his opponents or can even create a sphere of magic !

Bullet bill blaster : He can turn his wand into a bill blaster who can shoot a bill bullet or red bill bullet who can homming there enemies and explode !

Fighting experience : He shown to be a true boxers for punch Mario several times !

Fire breath : Roy exhales a fireball that can be charged for extra damage.

Durable shell : He can spin around while inside his shell

Spiked Ball: Roy rolls a spiked ball at his foe.

Superhuman durability : Has survived to many deadly situations .

Clown car : a vehicle with many gadgets .

Feats :

-Can defeated a army without being focused
-Surviving alongside the other Koopalings being knocked into a lava pit by Bowser
-He is a true champion at volleyball .
-Has participated to the Olympic Games .
-Conquered Sky land and turn the king into a albatros
-Has survived the destruction of his castle .

-Quit stupid
-He is a typical bully as much morally as physically
-Doesn't like read
-has a sensitive side and doesn't like to make people cry.
-Think he is cool

Roy: “Nah, books are dumb. Into the trash it goes!”

Nsmbw  Morton Koopa Jr By Nintendrawer by LopDrieuna


Age : 15

Species :Koopa

Height: 198 cm

Weight: 144 Kg

Likes:Eating,talking and his siblings

Power and abilities :

Super strenght : Morton is one of the strongest Koopalings, using his weight to try and crush Mario or paralyze him by using a powerful ground pound he was shown effortlessly lifting and hurling a massive Chain Chomp at the Mario Bros and can apparently break rock with one punch .

Magic wand : Can shoot red blast of magic . experimentHe also has the ability to shoot spiked balls from his wand .
Durable shell : Can spin inside his shell

Magic Hammer : He can turn his wand into a hammer which he can also ignited him with flames .

Fire breath :Morton exhales a fireball that can be charged for extra damage.

Sonic screech : Morton does an ultrasonic scream that does massive damage to his opponent.

Wall climbing : he was also shown to be somewhat athletic, as he was able to run up a wall and on the ceiling before striking a pose when landing.

Feats :
-Conquered desert land and turn the king into a snake
-Effortlessly lift a massive chain chomp
-His hammer flame can kill Mario in two hits
-He creates a monster of ice in Antartica
-Survived the destruction of his castle

-Very stupid
-Very talkative
-Short temper
-Has been defeated by Mario many times
-Has been manipulated by Fawful

Wiz: Overall Morton and Roy are truly great bosses but quit stupid!


Morton :“Peach’s Castle is the worst! Peach’s Castle smashed to dust! That don’t rhyme and I don’t care! Master Bowser’s harsh but fair!”

Bebop and Rocksteady:…

Wiz : When shredder had been defeated numerous time by the ninja turtles , he knew that he will have some helps to deafen them .

Boomstick :So he asked to two of his henchmen to participated to a that TURN THEM INTO A MUTANT WARTHOG AND A MUTANT RHINOCEROS !!! WHAT A BIG SON OF A B#### !

Wiz : They fight the turtles many times but after Shredder death they became...kind of ?...Super hero ?

Bomstick : OH MY F###### GOD ! WHAT WAS THE AUTHOR IDEA ?!


Species : Mutant Warthog

Height : 180 Cm

Weight : Unknow

Likes : Dancing ,Steeling .

Natural abilities:

Enhanced Smell: His snout is strong enough to help out to tell where the Turtles could be.

Enhanced Strength: He has a small lack of strength that mostly comes from his Mohawk, but things get better when it enhances.


Athletics: His skills as an athlete is very supported thanks to his energy suit.

Criminal Intelligence: His skills as a thief is a piece of cake for him when it comes to stealing artifacts like the Spear of Destiny and the Kuro Kabuto, as well as vehicles like the Foot Clan's bike.

Invisibility: His suit is installed with a cloaking device run by a set of double A batteries. The invisibility field went jacked during the Kraang invasion, but it was fixed thanks to Stockman-Fly.

High-Tech Gizmos: He is many high-tech weapons, such as an energy Mohawk and belt.

Tub of Glue: He uses a tub of glue to stop someone as big as Rahzar in their tracks

Sliding Backpack: His backpack allows him to slide up and down walls.

Microchip Shurikens: He possesses a set of shurikens that explode into a million microchips.

Sticky Bomb: He is strong enough to hold Rahzar just little on his foot and stick a person's whole body down with glue as shown to do on April.

Special Visor: Since his eyesight worsened following his mutation, he is forced to keep his visor on to see better.


-Steel Shredder helmet .
-Was about to take one Fishface
-Captured Karai
-Has stolen many rare object
- Defeated the Classic Turtles .

-Can be stupid at time
-very overcofient
-He is a bite naive
-Has been deafeated numerous time by the turtles
-Has been deafeated by Fishface

Bebop"Me and Rocksteady. I mean, Steranko. That name is tight."


Mutant :Mutant White Rhinoceros
Height: 207 cm
Weight: Unknow
Likes:Rare object

Power and abilities :

Minigun: He happens to be a good marksman by using his minigun proficiently.

Knuckledusters: His fists are shown to have brass knuckledusters with a picture of the Soviet Union flag that has grown a bit bigger for his size.

Flamethrower: He is seen carrying a flamethrower sometimes while hunting down his foes.

Hammer and Sickle: He is shown with with a handheld hammer and sickle, even larger than the ones on his knuckledusters.

Jagged Horn: He often uses his horn as a sword or as a battering ram.

Enhanced Strength: He is shown to be quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat by gaining the upper hand in a fight against Raph and Mikey and winning. Things get better for him when his strength enhances after his mutation.

Enhanced Charging Speed: He is very fast.

Leap: He is shown to be able to jump as high as Bebop.


-Rack the technodrome
-Breaking the leg of giant Kraang
-Can knock out a Triceraton
-Has been a great business man

-Pretty stupid due to his mutation
-Has been defeated by the turtles
-Can be coward at time
-Short temper

Wiz : Overall Bebop and Rocksteady are a duo of animal pretty strong but often very stupid .


Rocksteady:"Ha! Is Rocksteady late for party time?"

Pre-Death battle:

Wiz: Alright ! The combatant are set , IT's time to end this debate ONCE AND FOR ALL !


Death battle :…

In a museum, one finds pretty much everything in terms of antiques. But in the shadow stood two strange turtles who were looking for an antique for their father, one had yellow scales on the body besides his head which in had pink his eyes were hidden by a pair of sunglasses and he had a purple spiked shell. The other had brown scales with a star on his face and had a black spiked shell. Both of them tried to find a crystal that would help their father defeat a plumber. "Did you find something Morton?" asked the sunglased koopa. The brown koopa replied, "No, but I mean, how do you want to find a crystal that can emit a ray powerful enough to destroy an entire city in a museum?" It's just stupid, we can not have put it in a place like this! It must be in the hands of the secret service or something - "
Roy lashed his brother's head in silence. "Shut up, Morton!"
Roy then noticed something from the corner of his sunglasses and noticed a purple glow at the end of the hall, Roy sneered at the discovery "You know what? Screw it, I just found what we were looking for!"
As he came to his senses, he made a comment to his brother, "How do you get to see something with your sunglasses ?"
Finally the two Koopas were able to reach the crystal they were looking for "HE HE HE, with this trick Mario will not have a chance against the empire Koopa"
"Hey, yo Rock it looks like we're still dealing with those pesky turtles!"…

The two koopas then saw two strange individuals emerging from the shadows. One was a kind of warthog with pink futurist glasses and a pink mohawk and wore a kind of vest. The other was a rinoceros who was wearing green pants and a kind of white tank shirt.
"Nyet, Bebop I don't think these young fellas  are the turtles, they are not that fat and that punk" Rocksteady said to his partner with a Russian accent.
Morton didn't take gently the comment: "Hey, Uno, I like my style and secondo I AM NOT FAAAA ----"
Roy put his hand on the mouth of his brother: "Don't worry bro! I handle this"
Roy explained the situation: "Well, listen we are not looking for trouble, we just need this pretty little jewel for a evil plan of our father."
Bebop was then pissed off: "Oh, crund, that complicates everything, Our boss need that to destroy four problematic turtles so technically we need it just as much, how to get out of this impasse Rock?"
The rhino then proposed: "Why not in a fight?"
Morton raised his arms as he began to chage, "I agree , I'll make you pay for treating me of fat! You ugly unicorn!"
While the koopa charga on the rhino, Bebop put himself next to him quickly "Where do you think you go?"


Bebop then snapped a hook to Morton, landing it on a wall at the end of the corridor. Bebop in success dances "I take care of the black, take care of this guy who has copied my look"
While Bebop was using his backpack slidings to join the other part of the museum, Rocksteady tore a piece of concrete off the ground to send it right to Roy.Roy broke the projectile with both his fists at the same time but he did not the time to see Rock load on him with his horn, Roy took the shot but did not fall so far.
"Nyet, Rocksteady have to take out heavy artillery!"
Rocksteady then pulled out a minigun and started shooting the sunglasses koopa . Roy then retracts into his shell begin to spin, being able to protect himself from the bullets.
Rocksteady had no time to notice that he had more ammo as Roy came out of his shell holding his wand in his hands, "What's wrong,no more munition?That's boring for you mine they're like who would say ..infinite "
The bully fired a pink fireball from his scepter on the rhino  face, he could still protect his face with his fists leaving a mark of burn.
"Mmm, well I'll have to go a little harder"
Roy began to charge with his scepter a gigantic magic fireball, Rocksteady seeing that he was about to do, took out his hammer and hit a good blow at the head of the koopa, Roy still does not sag and with his loaded wand, he threw the fireball at the mutant, there was a huge explosion that left a huge hole in the walls of the museum, Roy chuckled "HAHAHAHA, it should calm you down"
(music stop)
"Oh little turtle believe that!"
Roy was amazed to see Rocksteady alive but certainly bleeding and clothes torn apart.
"WHAT THE SHELL ?? !!!!"
Rocksteady charges Roy again, but Roy can stop the shock by holding it by the horn.
Rocksteady with the horn being blocked threw a punch on the brute.
With his knuckledusters on his fists the shock was sharp, which resulted in Roy loosing the rhino horn, glancing at his face and noticing something. That he had lost a tooth! "Roy chuckled and turned around to punch Rock .Rock pissed off his punch in return until he finished with by a fist fight, the two were punching each other to see who was going to die first.
Meanwhile, Morton tried to get up after the fall he had. But he barely had time to get up as a sticky substance made him schoot on the wall. He then saw the pig that made him stumble, go ahead and make fun of him.
"Quiet down, troll with panda-colored skin, I'm just going to kill you gently and then we do not talk about it any more,Okay?
Morton snatched the glue with his bare hands and began to growl in front of Bebop, who began to panic.
"Oh oh!"…
Morton then tries to catch him but Bebop makes himself invisible immediately, Morton was confused when he saw he was no longer there
"Where's the ham gone?"
"Weehee! Am I here? Am I there? It's up to you to find out!"
Morton begins to spit balls of fire into the void to see where the warthog has gone. Without success. Bebop took advantage of his invisibility and hit the Koopa on all sides.
Each shot makes Morton more angry. He then jumped into the air and began to roll in the air.
"What are you doing, an acrobatic act?"
Morton eventually landed and caused a powerful earthquake that paralyzed Bebop and destabilized his invisibility system, exposing him.
Morton seized the opportunity to swell like a ball and roll him over, Bebop could only take the hit and land on a stained glass.
"You know, you should avoid making people angry because each time it ends up bad for pigs in your genre, it's often what I said to Iggy but he never listens to me and--" "
"And I understand why!"
Bebop jetta has microchip shurikens right on the talkative Koopa who explodes right on him.
As Morton screamed in pain, Bebop began charging his mohawk to swing him over him, but Morton was able to get his spirits back quickly and when he saw what Bebop was about to do. He took his scepter and began to turn it.
At the same time, Bebop swung his energy Mohawk while Morton drew a red magic ball from his scepter.
When the two projectiles made contact, there was a gigantic explosion.…

Both opponents were still standing.
"Well, since our abilities are equal I will ask for help if you do not mind"
Morton quicked an eyebrow
"Rock, bring your here!"
Rocksteady appeared by breaking a wall.
"You call me mate Bebop, one more tortoise to crush and we get out of here."
"Wait, where is Roy?" Morton said worried.
"Ha, your big brother getting to know Rocksteady flamethrower !"
"Now Kiss, you'll finish in turtle soup!"
Morton took a few steps back as the two mutants approached the koopa, sneering sadistically.
(Music stops)
"Hey, stupid face, you should double check if your opponent is really dead!" a familiar voice then said that Bebop and Rocksteady
Bebop used his special view to analyze whether it was the one he was thinking.
A shadow then fell from the ceiling to land on the sides of the pig it was Roy who was little injured and burned but fine .
"Hello, colosal imbecile."…
Morton sighed in relief, saying his brother's name, which was not the case with the rhino.
"What? But I saw you burn"
"The fire is not enough to kill me!"
Roy withdrew from Bebop's back who got up pretty upset
"You, jester, sunglasses, you'll regret being born!"
Roy made a decision "Morty I take the bakon, you take the grayish!
Morton raised his head to say that he agreed.Rocksteady pulled out his fork and hammer ready to beat the Koopaling
Morton then took out his scepter and concentrated on turning it into a magic hammer.…

The mutant and the koopa charged, and their weapon clashed.
Both tried the best who can to try to knock down the opponent.
Finally Rocksteady cheated and sent a furious blow to Morton.
After the blow it's taken Morton he retracated into his shell and spin to charge on him.
The old businessman groaned as he jumped up into the air as Morton did the same.
They looked at each other for a moment.Until they took care of themselves and used their weapons.All of them rattled their new weapons except that this time could disarm Rocksteady and sent him a good blow on the head which resulted in To make it come back to earth. As Morton fell to his feet, Rocksteady got up and took out his flamethrower. Morton was shocked as Rocksteady threw the flames on him.
"Nyet, this should teach you!"
While Rocksteady turned his back on him, he noticed that the temperature of the room had gone up.
He then noticed behind him. Morton brandishing his hammer that was igniting.
Rocksteady roared and charged a last time on the koopa. Morton was waiting for the mutant to be near enough to hit him. He waited and swung him a violent blow off inflated hammer  in the face which broke his  horn .Rocksteady tries one last time to get up but Morton took advantage of the fact that he was on the ground to appear the Clown Car. The mutant barely had time to turn around as Morton impaled him with The Clown Car Drills.…
Roy and Bebop continued to fight. Bebop punched Roy but was last replied with a stronger punch that made him fly. Roy sent a spike to his opponent, the thieving pig could replicate with his Mohawk energy that explode the spike ball .Roy then turned his scepter into Bill Blaster. Bebop was able to dodge the ball bill while dancling. But he pulled another which was red this time, Bebop also dodged it but the shot changa direction.
"Ha your little poop shoot will not have me so ease-"
But it was interrupted by the red bullet bill that charmed him on the back and exploded reducing Bebop into small pieces of flesh.
"Do not underestimate the Koopalings of Bowser!"
Morton arrived with the diamond in his hands: "I have it!"
"Great, now let's go back to the castle"


Roy and Morton are seen bringing back the crystal to their father while the corpses of Bebop and Rocksteady are seen feeding the flies.

Boomstick: They are really violent for kids.
Wiz: Bebop and Rocksteady were not so lucky against Roy and Morton.
Boomstick: They had the advantage of the strength to lift Rocks, a gigantic chain chomp and break the rock.
Wiz: Only Rocksteady could equalize their strength as the time when he broke up stone monsters with his bare hands, lift cars and break Kraang's leg with his horn.
Boomstick: The poor piggy had just enough strength to lift a human.
Wiz: And do you remember the time Morton broke several walls at once?
Boomstick: They are mostly far more resistant and more equipped as they have survived the fall of their castle and are also very fire resistant.
Boomstick: Looks like Bebop and Rocksteady have gone to the mill.
Wiz: The winner are Koopa Roy and Morton Koopa Jr

Next time:

Boomstick:Next time on Death Battle!

???:You're gonna try a little harder than that !

???:You are cutie...I am not sure if I just catch and release!




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