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Mass Effect 3: A night on the Citadel

By Lootra
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These clowns are at it again!

Program used: XNALara
Credits: JoeBlack for the can/phone
Nach77 for harbinger
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Pff, Jack, put the damn cellphone away!
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Shepard's smile is killing me man!! Hahah hilarious!!!
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I know the feel 'n
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that smile on shepard face tho xD

Great work :)
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Thank you.  :)
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"Garrus... I know what you're thinking" hehehe great work with this. Loved Citadel, #1 DLC of all time so far...
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Thanks, yeah I really liked playing through it too.  It was a lot of fun.   ;)
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WOW Fantastic ! Just brilliant faces :D
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Plz do more Eva
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I love Shepard's face :
- Hey, we'll bang ok ?
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Tali: Garrus...I think you have some dextro friendly chicken stuck in your teeth...open wide.
Garrus: Wha--?
Tali: I said, OPEN WIDE.
Garrus: Tali! You are embarrassing me!
Tali: I have a shotgun.
Garrus: AHHH~
Tali: Good boy.
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The only problems with this is shepard looks like a rapist and edi has a human face.
But really, a scene like this(where you win and save the galaxy by blowing up the reapers through military might) and finally get to cash in on all those drinks everyone promised you, really would have been great.
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Spilling drinks on the Citadel, yeah it would have been neat.
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Ahh, but its not artistic enough! With very little space magic.
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