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By loosy
after some months of illustrations, I've decided to design a font

and that came out...

trashco for personal use...but, note me if you use it!

and today 10/17/2007 trashco was downloaded more then 200.000x on!

edit/ today 14/01/2010 my font wos downloaded 2,483,479 times on dafont.

© 2007 - 2021 loosy
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Hey man I want to use your font for my youtube channel logo, is that okay?
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If only i knew how to use a file like that! Ahh!
I am a student in university.
I want use your font for a club card.
It's really a wonderful font designing!
Thank you, I love it!
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Super cool font!! I downloaded it and will maybe put it on a logo if thats ok with you
aso0009's avatar
I love it!!!
ADE-doodles's avatar
THANKS!! Fun Font!
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Hey my name is Shadow of a new youtube gaming channel known as careless crossfire gaming we have used your font to make channel art on our twitter facebook and youtube we would like to thank you for making this awesome font and we made sure to give you credit and linked them to your account
hey this is amazing great job! awesome font ^^ i'm gona download it but dont know what to use it for yet ;p
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So cool! I'm totally gonna download it:D
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Awesome font! I'm going to use it in some 5x7" card creations :) let me know if you're interested in seeing the final product.
Thats awesome man!! :D I'm gonna use the font for a logo if u dont mind :) Thanks!!
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Thank you doesn't seem enough!
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Made a logo for my Ska Punk Pop band. Check it out!

Skabob89's avatar
I used this for our Ska band. It came out bangin actually!
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I love it!! Where can I download it??
I'm a newbie so sorry for the stupid question...
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amazing *o*
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Awesome! <3 I'm really gonna download+use it :3
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Awesome font to use with Prezi! THANKYOU!
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I signed up to add this comment!! :)
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Hey Hey Hey, so you're the one who designed this? Cool, I've been using it on photos forever with awesome work
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jopp, it`s me ;-)
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