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An Outsider's Guide to Living Properly.Every morning I take off my legs.I step out of the sheep’s mouth,Peel back my skin from the heel,and Take Off My Legs.The removal is rather simple you see;I take off my legs and use them to pick my teeth.I am a proper Lady you see,and I would never use my fingers.They are too numb, dumb, drunk, punk.For such atrocities.Every afternoon I pour salt in the wounds.I summon the demons I sleep with,They hold my hands as they shake.As I make my breaks itch and taketheir Palms in mine I brush their tears awayWithout getting Salt in their eyes.They hate to see me in pain, you see?For this isn’t my greatest shame you see.I sleep in the sheep's mouth.I run with the cockroaches.I lay to waste in the gutter.As if any of these would make for smart cover.I am the wolf, that howls at night.Not to find my brothers.Not to bother others.Only to check if my voice still works.If what’s mine is mine.How could you lose it.I will always disappoint you.I have learned not to choose it.The disrespect that sits lodged in my teeth.Too hard to miss, too soft to Pick.So every morning I Take Off My Legs.To give it a swift kick.These rituals may seem like pain to you.Dying a coward's death may seem a shame to you.I sleep in the sheep’s mouth.I run with no wolves.I keep two legs and eight eyes tucked under my tongue.I may look it but I have never been young.A chip off the bucket. I want you to run.I’ll hunt you down slowly-for your eyes, not for fun.repeat my mantra lowly;‘I sleep in the Sheep’s Mouth.The wolf at Night he howls.You are blinded by your sight.I will lead you towards the Light.’I sleep in the Sheep’s mouth.For I am a wolf unclothed.In the face of vulnerability.
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Abstract and Surreal
ENDLESS - Prologue by ManuWrites
Disney Poem by JA-ThePoet
The plungeAn empty lot. Surrounded by dusty chain-link fencing, bent by neglect. The kind of place where kids would sneak to drink cheap liquor in the back of a pickup truckand set off fireworks, illegal but not quite dangerous. Abandoned, but not forgotten.Our house is going to be built here one day. Beyond the chains, surrounded by identical roofs, garage doors, dormer windows and Rottweilers. This will be our neighborhood. Our community. The barely remembered playground of former teenagers, the graveyard of dimpled beer cans and half-consumed french-fries. Home. Someday.We pull up in our silver four-door, a few yards outside the gap in the leaning fence. A few strains and a hop, and we’re through. The grit stings and claws at the imagination. That picture is stained with an orange haze, wind-streaked and dust-addled like the plastic sheeting covering the wood beams. Walk around and see what it will become. A dream of green and yellow and blue. Water will find the place where it is wanted. New life will fill the wasteland. But dust will creep back in, muddy the image, settle and give form to the mirage. This place, it belongs to the sand. It can only be painted, never wiped clean.I make my way back to the car, through the cracking walls of this future paradise. Lungs itching in irritation, I need to breathe something real again.Approaching the window of the front seat, I reach my hand into my pocket, grappling for the keys that mean my escape. Fingers meet metal. Twirled around my index finger, the keys follow my hand’s movement. But they catch on the stitching of my jeans. I lose my hold. They fall.Footsteps and a shadow. A black sedan with opaque windows. Who is this voiceless stranger with stone behind his eyes? Why does he not speak? I look up.The lack of recognition sounds discord in my throat. Foreign. Out of place. My tongue swells, sensing the peril my mind is not aware of. It sits oddly in my mouth, too dry.He stands arms length from me. His face carries no intent, his eyes betray no connection, no love, no hate. Cold hardness presses against the curve of my belly.I look into his eyes in wonder, fear only threatening to form in the back of my mind. A distant bang, a pressure. The tiny piece of honed metal already buried in the depths of my flesh before questions form.Pain does not register.This is not how it is supposed to go. I should know you, faceless man. It should hurt. I should feel. Betrayal. Completion. Something. There is no flash of memory. No dawning of enlightenment. I should wonder, but the blackness creeps too quickly. My gut is wrenched so subtly I cannot scream. Thoughts fade, cease to form, never were. Nothing remains. There is only the plunge.
Dark 3
Poems of Majora 11. Time's End,Poems of MajoraA Majora's Mask Compendium11. Time's End By J.C. SolisThere is a place filled with nothing but painThere is a place where no more Time remainsThere is a place feeling nothing but strainWhere prayers were made, of which all were in vainThere is a place where the Moon shall now fallAnd the Abyss of Death shall come for allSaving Grace came at a price too tallAn Oath is shattered, and can't come to callThe people now scream as they're lit alightAnd so came true the dark will of the blightThe Hero has failed, now gone is his mightDeath now came after Three Days and NightsAnd so Salvation has come far too lateAnd the land now meets a Terrible FateFrom Evil's will, that it did now createThe fires now burn and will now never sate This Apocalypse has always been nighFrom elder to babe, the people will dieThe Oath that was made was all but a lieAnd so the land fills with shrill screams and criesThis is The End, what the whole world now knowsThis is Time's End as was dictated soThis Fate is now sealed as Time's come to closeAnd so this sad tale has come to repose...A gasp and a shudder from horrid dreamsBut with realizing what it all meansThe Sun still rises, the moon is still highThough Death upon all is still close to nigh For this was a dream, a warning has comeTo warn about this tragedy in sumFor Time's End is still set to come and killIf Time fails and can't reverse Evil's willBut this was just a dream from a dark nightAnd Two Days remain before comes the blightFor Time is still willing to stop this courseFor The Gods still grant the use of their forceAnd so The Boy sighs, it's not yet too lateThere's still Time to stop this Terrible FateFor this was Time's End, the message is clearAnd Salvation must come to save what's dearAnd so The Boy Travels with the Gods' graceThe Next Monster is what He will now faceThe Mountains are next, to the frigid coldTo Heal the souls within its frozen folds...
ENDLESS Chapter 16: Prelude by ManuWrites

Mature Content

Prose 3
Coffee Principle“The next thing I am going to invent is gonna be the recognizer of children’s scribble,” Kaster was muttering to himself while selecting the needed code combination. “Little kids have some SERIOUSLY awesome ideas, right, Charity? I mean, at least I remember that I had some. Of course, there was lots of rubbish in my head, as well as now, but at least I know how to make my way through it… almost…” Charity paid no heed to him, occupied with licking her paw (she wasn’t cleaning herself, it was more of greasing her joints; Kaster had added this function to avoid being scratched while greasing them himself). She still needed some upgrades, and the kid had a feeling that they would never end: his basic knowledge of cat anatomy did not ensure the complete set of required functions. “Yeeeeaaaah… break-dancing adapted to fighting… now then, flexibility and mobility… not excluding getting sweaty. Another unrealistic trait, eh? Not getting sweaty at all…” “I couldn’t get used to getting sweaty at first. Thought I was gonna dry out like an old tree.” Kaster froze in the middle of entering another code. Then he slowly turned around and saw that the glass column filled with water in the farther end of his room (as far away from his working table as possible to avoid sudden spilling) was occupied for now. Since that day when Kaster had received the breathing necklace – a small pearl-shaped item allowing him to breathe underwater – the merpeople (whoever else could’ve given it to him?) had been visiting him through the hidden portal between their world and this very ‘aquarium’. Kaster did not mind such visits, but sometimes they were too sudden. In addition, the merman who was curiously watching him, resting his elbows on the edges of the column, was unfamiliar to the kid. The first thing that Kaster noticed about him that he was short. The merpeople’s tails usually were about one third longer than human legs, but this one’s tail (electric blue, with iridescent purple-to-yellow fins on its tip and sides) took half of him. Besides, he reminded Kaster of his father Handy, for they belonged to the same type of appearance: short height, skinny frame, dark brown eyes, dark hair sticking up – many features matched. The primary differences were the merman’s dimpled cheeks (unlike Handy’s, which tended to sink), hair which had mostly turned grey even though his face was youthful and the V-shaped pattern of scales going from the shoulder joints and along the collarbones, resembling the front part of a superhero cape. But it was not only about the appearance. It was about the same enthusiastic attitude that Handy and this merman possessed, which was more than obvious. “I was sent here this time,” the merman informed. “I see,” Kaster replied. “Waaaait, you don’t talk like most merpeople, and it means you’ve lived among humans, eh?” “Yes, I have. And it was great, but the lack of water was everywhere… Kaster, right? And my name’s Paddy.” “Paddy?” Kaster parroted with surprise. The main law of names among merpeople was about their change with time. After birth they got one-syllable names, then, when reaching puberty, two-syllable ones and finally three-syllable (or possibly longer – Kaster was not sure about this) names after growing up. Besides, they preferred much more elaborate and harmonic names. “On Earth I called myself Sanders Paddington,” the merman stated, having taken a proud pose, as far as it was possible in an aquarium. “My real name is Padannan, if so.” “Yeah, you look like Paddy most of all,” Kaster replied, suppressing laughter. Sanders Paddington! As if there were not enough names that sounded like surnames and vice versa! “Seamus asked to check the breathing necklace,” Paddy continued. “Belac thinks you’ve already cracked it open even though it’s irreplaceable.” “Belac again?” Kaster groaned, giving the mentioned item to Paddy. “Hasn’t he driven all of you mad yet?” “He has,” Paddy nodded, squirming at the small bluish pearl-like gem on a thick black lace. “No cracks, nothing like that, excellent… What are you making here? Yung told me that you make lots of awesome things.” “Actually I thought about it when I was small,” Kaster shrugged. “I’m trying to make a device that would give me the properties of a cartoon character.” “What do you mean by that?” “I mean, in cartoons characters are able to dance-fight, fall off heights without visible damage and do other things like this that even the skilled fighters of the real world can’t. Besides, it looks so easy! You know what I mean? So, if it can’t be achieved with lots of common practicing, we have to think of something uncommon, right?” Paddy’s right eyebrow crawled up, and Kaster thought that his ribs were going to crack with the amount of held-in laughter this time – at this moment he was too similar to the kid’s father. “But the problem is… you see, it takes too much resources and energy. I’ve tried the prototype out on myself, and it almost worked, but then I dropped down like a bag of potatoes and remained dead to the world until the next morning. And mind that I’ve launched the device at noon!” “So, you’re using yourself like its battery?” Paddy clarified, carefully placing Kaster’s breathing necklace on the nearest horizontal surface (the shelf almost stuffed with books). “Efficient use of energy. Hmm. That’s always been a problem of this world.” “I agree. But there’s an even bigger problem,” Kaster shrugged. “It’s… welp… a familiar story. You bring fire to people and then a falcon pecks your liver for all eternity.” Paddy wrinkled his nose. “Ew.” “Ew as it is, but that’s harsh reality.” Kaster flopped onto his chair and rolled his eyes. “Energy, energy, energy… That is absurd, but what if I try to use the coffee principle? A little sip and a rapid burst of energy…” “Coffee principle? What are you on about?” “Talking to myself, Paddy. Hey, if you lived in human world, you should know what coffee is.” “Frankly, I don’t remember its taste,” Paddy confessed, blushing. “It’s been quite a while.” “You did not come here just to check on me, hmm?” Kaster knitted his eyebrows together in concern, but his mouth was breaking into a huge smirk by itself, for he spotted that Paddy was wearing his own breathing necklace – similar to Kaster’s, but the colors of its gem went from purple to crimson, almost like on his fins. “You wanted to have a walk, hmm? And you decided to use the chance, hmm?” “Okay, okay, you bit me through, but stop doing that ‘hmm’ thing, it makes me feel like jellyfish.” At this moment Paddy resembled a kid caught in the middle of mischief making despite his grayish hair. “But you don’t mind… do you?” “Really? I’m tired of those schemes for today. Besides, Mom and Dad are out of town for some freaky mission, and everyone else is attending the presentation of Grandpa Pete’s newest invention. Poppy really didn’t want to attend, but… ah, you’re probably not interested in it anyway.” “I am!” Paddy pulled up and, having performed some kind of a clumsy somersault, dropped on the floor. “That sounds interesting!” “Nah! Tedious as it may be. Wait a second, I’ll get you some clothes. You’re not going to walk around like… that,” Kaster noticed, spotting that the scales around Paddy’s waist were already beginning to kind of sink into the skin. “Although one like you could…” “What?!” Paddy yelped behind his back. “You never heard me!”*** Kaster expected that merpeople (or at least some of them) could get excited about the human world, and it worked 100% in Paddy’s case. He must’ve been there a long time ago. Merpeople aged much slower than humans, so he was certainly much older than he seemed, but this precious childish sparkle did not go anywhere, to Kaster’s delight. At first Paddy was fascinated with the new means of transport, especially after seeing a group of teens on gyroscooters whoosh past them. Then his attention switched to smartphones, and it took Kaster some minutes to briefly explain its functions. However, it did not impress Paddy as much as colorful prints on clothes both in shop windows and that passers-by were wearing, including his own: Kaster had managed to find old Handy’s tee with one of his favourite science jokes. It said ‘You matter. Until you multiply yourself times the speed of light squared. Then you energy’. As about Kaster’s tee, it had a much simpler joke to explain. ‘The number 13? Not on my watch’. “No wonder that you need this much energy,” Paddy concluded halfway to their destination. “Speed, speed, speed. Speed all the time. You have no currents to guide you around.” “There are currents,” Kaster objected. “They are more of… mind than matter, if you know what I mean.” Paddy nodded, so he went on. “There are currents like fashion and stereotypes and standards and-and news and… gah. It’s a funny thing about those currents. I once got mocked because I decided to try a lavender latte.” “A lavender latte?” “It’s a coffee-based drink that is so sweet and purple that a man shouldn’t even think of drinking it.” The second part of the sentence was said in cynical tone on purpose. “Dumb, isn’t it? I’m a boy. So what? Does drinking a lavender latte transform me into a girl?” “No fun. More like dumb,” Paddy mused. “I’ve heard that you once were on a mission with Meiah and Primetooler, right?” “Yeah, been there, done that.” “They are breath-bonded. Do you know what that means?” “Not quite.” “It is a special kind of partnership. It appears as a result of a special ceremony, after which the breath-bonded ones become most trustful to each other. They just… don’t wish to betray each other. In other ways they may be lovers or have a sibling-style relationship, it’s of no importance. Since the ancient times only those of opposite sexes were breath-bonded, but not so long ago evidence was found that there used to be same-sex breath-bonded ones.” “If such thing existed in our world, it would’ve raised an avalanche,” Kaster muttered more to himself. “Breath-bonded. That’s an interesting concept. Simply not wishing to hurt someone else… Sorry Paddy. I’ve been told that asking about it directly is extremely impolite, but I will ask you. Isn’t there a herb involved?” “There is,” Paddy nodded. “Merely for science, Paddy, merely for science.” “Don’t worry, I’m not telling anyone. I saw it from the very beginning. You’ve got this… thirst for learning something new. Learning, not using… What was the name of this very very popular series of books you have?” “Which exactly?” “Well, this…” Paddy scratched on his forehead, and it dawned on Kaster. “Ah, you mean Wizarding World?” “Yeah. There was a magic mirror that could grant the fee-loh-soh-fer’s stone to the one who wanted to find it, not to use it. The same is with you. You want to learn first of all.” Kaster smiled, just a little bit, although he didn’t know what merpeople treated as the best reaction to statements like this (he wasn’t even sure if this was a compliment). The sign of Thunderbolt was already seen in the distance. It had taken Kaster a while to find this place. He had found out that his sort-of sister Rhodie Smith from the parallel world had made friends with a barista named Leland working at a café called Thunder, and he had been itching to find the ‘mirroring’ place in his world since then. The main difficulty had been geography (although the alternative versions of London did resemble each other, but still there were variations) and Kaster’s impatience, to say nothing about lack of time quite often. But now Kaster could say that he was welcome at Thunderbolt. The funniest thing was that the barista was a girl named Leela, had a twin sister Layla and a daughter named Peach (while Leland of Rhodie’s world had a twin brother Lyle and a daughter Bloom). But the thing that tied it all together was the last name – Puckle. “Ah, hello Kaster.” Leela brought a plate of freshly baked waffles (Kaster held himself from drooling at the smell) to one of the tables and returned behind the counter. “Who’s your friend here?” “Paddy, m’lady,” Paddy replied with the most charming, but sincere smile. “Show-off,” Kaster commented with a grin. “I guess that you gotta be introduced to the coffee world with something not too bitter… Perfect! Leela, can you make that Trick drink for Paddy?” “Naturalmente,” Leela smiled. “I hope it’s not a dirty trick,” Paddy giggled, this time nervously. “No worries, there are no cheaters around. And, if so, an iced latte for me, please,” Kaster added. “The drink is called Trick, so I’ve got a task for you.” Leela produced the straw from under the counter. “Here’s the wand, and you gotta think of magic words while I prepare everything necessary, okay?” She quickly set up to work, muttering to herself so that the lads could only hear separate words. “What language is she speaking?” Paddy wondered. “There hasn’t been any of this stuff when I was here last time.” “Oh, Paddy, there has been a lot of water under the bridge, I guess,” Kaster replied, hoping that Paddy would not take the unintentional pun seriously. “This world is changing faster than you can say quidditch.” “Quit-ditch?” “Fictional type of sports involving flying brooms.” Meanwhile Leela finished adding the ingredients into the plastic cup and showed it, filled with orange liquid, to Paddy. “Now stir it with the straw wand and say the magic words,” she instructed. “Rikki-tikki-tchk,” Paddy unconfidently replied with a crooked smile. The drink changed its color from orange to light brown while he was stirring it. “Emm… did it work?” “Definitely. But in order for it to work better, I would advice using the Colovaria spell.” Leela gave Kaster a big wink and set off to making his order. While she was doing it, roaring music sounded from the outside, and this could only mean one thing, specifically for Kaster – it was Elisa Grimm. Elisa was one of those kids who genuinely believed everything was possible and permission was granted for her parents’ money. Besides, she was a champion in dancing, which was proven with lots of awards, so it was another reason for her to think that she was more equal than others. Needless to say, Kaster was at daggers drawn with her, so now there were two camps at school: ones who were trying to snatch a piece of Elisa’s patronage and those who shared attitude with Kaster. The most interesting thing was that everybody knew that Elisa and Kaster were from rich families, but there still were those surprised with the fact that Kaster was did not abusing his family’s money and fame. As about the music, Elisa’s newest ‘project’, as she referred to them, was dance battles. She would randomly be driven around the city and challenge either random strangers or those who had managed to do a bad turn to her. Most curiously, it worked almost every time, for in first cases she simply bribed her opponents and then humiliated them, and in second cases bribery was not needed. “Not this time, Elisa,” Kaster smirked to himself, feeling the devices stashed in his bigger-on-the-inside pockets and hoping that they would not let him down this time. “Not this time…” “Don’t tell me you have the guts to finally teach her a lesson.” Leela’s face fell at the sounds from the outside: it seemed that Elisa was already searching for another victim. “I had to tidy the whole place up after she and her henchgirls had an impromptu party here. In addition, she humiliates the visitors all the time.” “Trust me, I will mop up the floor with her,” Kaster grinned. “Paddy, keep an eye on my coffee, okay?”*** Another victory. Naturally. That big-headed one who dared to stand against her was biting the dust, because she did not have years and years and years of training, to say nothing of money. “Who’s next?” Elisa called out. “Nobody? What about…” “What about me?” The crowd that gathered in a short while spread, giving the way to a teenage boy with dark hair sticking up and wearing a camouflage coat over a tee with a dumb joke. Gooooods… Actually, it could be even better. Finally showing this swelled head his place, eh? “Do you even know what is needed to take over me? If you learned a couple of moves from the Internet, it means nothing. Do you even know what the Internet is?” “I haven’t come here to talk to those who can’t even put two and two together,” the lad replied with a smirk. Some of the observers laughed. “Everybody knows that you bought your exam grades.” “Not my fault that I was representing our school at the competitions,” Elisa parried. “Let’s end this for good.” “Dance fight?” “You got it, Tyler.” Kaster pulled a small perfume bottle out of his pocket. Naturally, it was not some ordinary one: it emitted golden sparkling particles when he pressed the top, and his outfit changed to a crimson red jumpsuit in a matter of moments. Even Elisa was taken aback with this trick. “How the…” “Ah, borrowed the unstable molecule technology from a universally famous antiheroine. I guess her name was Melody Pond,” Kaster replied almost lazily. “Anyway, it’s time to rumble, don’t you think?”*** “He’s crazy,” Paddy stated, watching Kaster do three upside-down twirls in the air in a row. “Guess that device of his worked.” “Which one this time?” “He told me that he was working on a device that would help him move like a cartoon character.” “Ah! So that’s who he reminds me of right now. Young Balthazar Bratt, only that one’s suit was purple and had shoulder-pads.” Leela sighed. “Do you know how many devices he has made?” “I’m not even trying to guess the number.” “That’s it. The taste-changing ones are just the beginning… He’s the third Weasley twin. Or should I say, the Weasley triplet? Tests everything on himself and likes ‘what if’ experiments.” In two or three minutes Kaster – panting, steaming like a boiling kettle and beet-red, but delighted – stumbled into the doors and flopped onto the chair. “You should’ve seen that,” he blabbed out, his eyes burning like a maniac’s. “Elisa’s gonna shut up for at least a year. And if not… I’ll just… give her… a kick… so she would fly from here to Edinburgh, I swear!” Having finished his statement, he emptied his latte glass in one gulp. “Ah! As much as I love your lattes, Leela… I think I need something… more recharging. Can you make an espresso for me? It’s just what I feared. Need energy.” “I’m not even trying to reason with you anymore, Kaster.” With this Leela set off to work again. And Kaster switched to Paddy. “Look, I’m sorry for this. I just… I needed to teach Elisa a lesson, otherwise she could’ve been sticking to everyone – and I mean everyone – for ages. We wouldn’t have had a nice chat if she stuck to me, not vice versa.” “Ah, it’s okay. Primetooler, he’s just like you. Can’t stand unfair situations.” Kaster took a sip of freshly made espresso (it was physically visible that he was fighting himself not to drink it all at once like he did with the latte) and tapped his fingers on the counter: “Primetooler. I got it from the first time. He’s very protective about Meiah.” “And you haven’t grown together with him,” Paddy noticed. “Anyway, it still seems to me that we’ve got a lot to talk about.” “But it’ll be better if we do it at my place, eh? Wait, there’s still… one more thing that I have to do.” Kaster sprayed the contents of his ‘perfume bottle’ at Leela, and a stripy blue-and-bronze tie wrapped around her neck. “I remember that you wanted a Ravenclaw tie. It’s for the havoc I caused today… A genuine one, from the books.” “How do you even do that?” Leela took the tie off and stroke it along the stripes. “The fabric is real… and won’t it disappear in sparkles?” “It’s kinda connected with my brain waves,” Kaster explained with a grin, this time sheepish. “It can change anyone’s clothes to which I want, but it’s still hard to create a new garment with it. It works with small things like accessories, but larger ones like sweaters come out hole-y… but I will learn how to make them proper, I promise!” “Melody Pond, you said? Sounds like a name for a superheroine.” “You can’t even imagine… Hey, I guess Poppy’s gonna be home any minute. Found the way to sneak out, I’m sure. Guess you gonna share a lot of opinions with her, Paddy.”...
Enchanted Mornings by KimberlyJolanda
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Let us know if you're experiencing writer's block or feeling procrastinatory, and we can hook you up with resources/inspiration to help you get you back on track.It's important that your finished script is something of which you can be proud! MinutiaeYou can start writing anytime within the span of the "TTT" contest. We will be answering requests for numbers throughout the contest, though due to our schedules, it might take up to a day or two for us to get back to you. Don't miss out—request sooner, rather than later!The script(s) you write should be submitted to the appropriate folder(s) in order to communicate to the judges whether you chose "Ascending" or "Descending" for your script(s).We understand that themes are often overlapping as inspirations for scripts, and thematically-ambiguous/borderline scripts are absolutely welcome in this competition.However, we also need the judging process not to be a nightmare, so for our sanity's sake, pick a side.One folder per script. Repeat, one folder per script.Members of @House-of-Playwrights and members of our affiliates are welcome to participate.If you are not currently a member but still wish to participate, you're welcome to join @House-of-Playwrights for the duration of the contest and then withdraw membership upon the conclusion of the event.There are no strings attached.All genres are accepted, but please adhere to the @House-of-Playwrights content policy, so as not to disqualify your script from winning.Each script should be no fewer than 2,500 words and no more than 5,000 words long. Here's a link to a handy word-counting program, if you need to check your script's length. This word count limit includes the following:character descriptionssound effectsstage directionsdialogueanything else you include as part of the scriptIf you want to use extra prompts in your script(s), you are free to do so, but do not neglect to incorporate your theme and assigned prompts in a substantive way.THE PROMPT LISTThere are four (4) categories of prompts: Scenarios, Characters, Settings, and Props. Each category has ten (10) corresponding items.You can incorporate these however you like within your script. They can play a minor or major part in whatever you write for the contest, as long as they are included.ScenariosA character forgets to pack sunscreenThe dog food factory explodesChildren do something that makes their mother regret giving birthA flirtatious neighbor actually has dubious motivesTwo ships pass in the nightA (former) friend from elementary school wants to reconnectAll the traffic lights say, “Go”A character wakes up after a yearThe class picnic gets ruinedTerrorists hijack a kayakCharactersCouch Potato FarmerRude Beggar with a CatThrice-Divorced UncleWordsmith SwordsmithOctogenarian Internet CatfishFormer Police OfficerUnderprepared TeacherNaïve KingmakerFrantic Applier of Lip BalmArmless Massage TherapistSettingsHollywood Alleyway88℉/31℃, with 50% Chance of PrecipitationDiscount Shoe StoreTrigonometry ClassFirst-Class Train Compartment19th Century AtelierBunker Hill, MassachusettsSecond Mars Colony16:35, FridayAncient RuinsPropsPeanut Butter & Garlic SandwichExtra-Large, Rusty HammerPile of Glowing Pink GooHornet’s NestLeaking Grocery BagLuger PistolJade Elephant StatuettePack of CigarettesMalfunctioning Yo-YoStack of Comic BooksDEADLINEYou have between February 1 and April 30 to write your script(s).The deadline for submissions is 11:59 p.m. on April 30.NO EXCEPTIONS.When you've finished writing your script, submit it to one of the two contest folders: "Ascending" or "Descending"Comment below to enter the "TTT" contest. Tell us whether you are interested in writing one (1) or two (2) scripts.(Or ask questions. We'd love to hear from you.)
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I'm looking for writers to come join my forum and help bring it some life or light. lol
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Hello everyone. I have been writing poetry for over twenty years. I love poetry, and I can honestly say it has saved my life a few times. I have been published. I only have two of my poems up thus far, but I shall be posting more this week. 
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A little self promotion: If anyone wants a long read, I would love to hear some general opinions on my story Impractical Days.  Latest chapter is 19, so its a bit of a commitment.
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