New Audio-Project Announcement!-PearlTail (CH 6)

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***Thanks so much to everyone who auditioned!! You will be contacted sometime later today if casted.***

Even if you did not get a role, we really really appreciate it that you took the time to try out. ^_^


If casted as any of the four characters below, you will receive $25. for the role- Either by Paypal, or as a Giftcard. 

Please Audition! And remember that Dorian and Mysar do not absolutely HAVE to have an italian accent. We are only considering that, and if we did, it would be a subtle accent and not strong. 

Hello everyone!

In collaboration with :iconbowiegirl: I am pleased to announce that this year, I will be working on a promotional narrated preview of a story I have followed for over 8 years now titled PearlTail

PearlTail will be the first book of a trilogy written by M.A. Burk (aka bowiegirl

In order for this to work, I will need voice actors for the following characters:


Dorian is one of the two main characters of this story, so his voice is very important. His voice may have a very subtle accent similar to italian, but do some takes of your own without the accent as well to compare. 
Sample Lines:
1."Put me down here!"

2."OW! I thought you said that you weren’t going to hurt me!"

3."(snicker)Mers can’t summon the ocean at whim. Is this a human fish tale of yours?"


DorianDescription by Loor101

Marie is the second main character of the story. You can do any take you like with her, just please don't make her sound like a valley girl. :P
Sample Lines:
1. "Well, you only wanted to have a job for the summer anyway. You could have just quit you know."

 “Hey! Don’t do that! you’re going to hurt yourself more!”

 “Okay, I figured you were going to do something like that, you’re not gonna make this easy are you?"

  MarieDescription by Loor101


Steph is one of Marie's best friends. She often speaks in slang and has an awesome sassy attitude at times. 

Sample Lines:
1. "So I told him where he can stick his burgers, and asked him if he’d like some fries with that too! (chuckles)"

2.“Dang it!  What is your problem?  Hold on, girl, I gotta shut up the dog.” 

3.  "Not yet, I ain’t gonna tell her until later. Way, waaaaay later. Like… when I have to ‘later’."

           Steph by Loor101


Mysar is Dorian's father. He will only have this one monologue line at the very beginning of the chapter. 

"I wouldn’t say I rescued her.  More like she had rescued me. She gave me a way out and a sense of freedom that I’ve never known before.
With her I now know true happiness. I now know." 

Mysar-1 by Loor101

Please send all auditions to !

Be sure it is an audio file! (.mp3, .wav, .mp4, ect.)
Youtube video auditions are also acceptable. 

Deadline to submit is Feb. 1st 2015 

Best of luck!! :party:

© 2015 - 2020 Loor101
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CassiRowlStudent Filmographer
Hey, I auditioned! Just sent an email.
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Just emailed you my auditions. Sorry if the files were a little large, I prefer to use .wav... good luck with the project!
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What's a Valley Girl?
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Wow.....I feel really old. :XD:
Valley girl is a term derived from the 1990's show Beverly Hills 91210
The girls in that show always talked with a particular accent, "Oh mah gawd." and "What-everrrr" were some of their popular terms.
If you've ever seen the movie "Clueless" it's a lot like that too.
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Sent my recordings. I hope they are too your liking (first time at voice acting).
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Hello! I've sent Auditions for Mysar and Dorian :) Looks like a fun project!
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Audition for Marie has been sent!
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Dimension-DinoHobbyist Writer
Tell me, would Mysar have the same accent as Dorian, or is that optional?
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Mysar would probably have an accent similar to Dorian's yes. But you're still free to do some takes without an accent as well to compare :)
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Dimension-DinoHobbyist Writer
Okay, good to know. Think I'll try my hand at it, then...
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Omg this is so cool! I still can't believe it took 8 years though...
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bowiegirlProfessional Traditional Artist
Its been through three edit/rewrites. Plus working full time and college didn't give me a ton of time to work with. Also a year of sending out to agents. :)
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Haha yeah, the story originally started on fictionpress in 2006 and I have watched it evolve and helped give Mrs. Burk input for the rewrite of it since. ^_^ Good things take time ;)
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