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Marlene Biosheet

New OC for RPing! I quite like how this turned out, it was simple and easy to make compared to the fullbodies I end up abandoning,,,

Marlene is mine! I took a lot of inspiration from Deadman Wonderland (still a huge fan of the series after all these years... read the manga)
I'm starting to forget I have an account on dA, but I swear I'm not totally inactive! I'm just more active on twitter these days. Tumblr is mostly my art archive, but seeing as tumblr hates artists now and flags anything with a fleshtone, it's basically my backlog (sorry anyone who follows me on tumblr only... it sucks). I post first on twitter and everywhere else second.
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I will admit I rewatched Deadman Wonderland out of boredom when I was drawing this...

But she's nice, I swear!!! She just needs a hug
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Ah okay. :D

Aww... :hug: