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your future haircut

I watch too much TV.

Pencil sketches, painted in photoshop.
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Hah! Now thats some future looking hair styling there!

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Ah, yup! But you made the connection, and pointed it out to us! :nod: ;P
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Recently, I re-watched "UFO". The craziest thing was that the "Moonbase" ladies only wore that hair on duty. Off duty they actually changed wigs. So the purple bit was apparently, some sort of regulation. The things you don't notice at 16 years of age.

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I never got to watch the show, but a purple bob seems to be a strange dress regulation... though it does look kinda cool!

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I saw this image on TV Tropes! It's the trope image for Sci-Fi Bob Haircut.

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Hehe! Thats very coo!
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Galaxina, too. But not Sean "Rachel" Young.
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:highfive: I did consider Galaxina, but figured I had enough for the gag already 
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:D I saw this first on TVTropes, though I wasn't paying attention that this was yours the first time :)

Anyway, fun work; I guess it's true futuristic girls somehow love this hairdo. Then again, it does look practical, and a more stylish alternative to going bald :D
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Haha! My work does seem to get around :D
Bald also seems to be popular in the future, but as you say, the Bob is a MUCH better alternative!
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bald is also not really practical. you have to reshave all the time, it's kinda cold in the winter and in depending on your skin colour you can easily get a sunburn.
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Stylish and impressive. Good job.
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Thank you most kindly! Always been a fan of the 'bob'.
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You're welcome; I describe Eduard Nochkoshmar as having a female's bob-cut.
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Stylish. Impressive.
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You're welcome. Hello, I'm Nickolas (autistic 18-year old big-hearted dreamer)! How's today? How are you? What can I call you?
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Simple, practical, stylish. Aesthetics of the future.
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Women of the future, I hope you like bangs! :D
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It does look inevitable, doesn't it!
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