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scifi poker

By Loopydave
The full card game....

Pencil sketch, paint in photoshop.
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Amazing artwork with humor.

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Def going in the favs... great work! :+fav:

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Thank you most kindly!

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buen dibujo me encanta.

Shakes with laughter... Lilo and Stitch? A Xenomorph? A Terminator? A Predator? Playing cards? This is hysterical and so well drawn.

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I lost it when I saw the Mr. Potato head trophy on the Predator. Though the details throughout this piece are incredible!

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Funny you should say that - Mr Potato head lost it when his head became a trophy too :D


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I love this❤
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This is better than the poker dogs art
This needa to be on a wall in a frame.❤
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wait its a stich the experiment 626 wiht the terminator, alien and depredador¡¡¡¡¡

Since the terminator is from the future , my guess he wins this game

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Haha! Now that you've pointed that out, you may be right! :D
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why can i relate to Xenomorph on so many levels
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Probably something you should ask your therapist rather than me :D
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Needs more RoboCop
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An excellent idea!
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With the exception of stitch, this was actually one of the comics. Alien versus predator versus terminator!
Now i'm going to go back to squee'ing at the sheer gorgeous level of talent, skill and above all DETAIL in this magnificent piece.
My only question is why can't I have it as a print!
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I love those details...
-The hidden cards in the Predator's sleeve
-The Mr Potato Head around the Predator's neck
-Predator's Soylent Green beer
-The power socket on the Terminator
-Intel Inside on the Terminator
-The fact you can see all of the Xenomorph's cards reflected on his head...
-The faucet on the Xenomorph's back
-The fact Stitch clearly noticed all of this, and is cleaning them out.

Great work :)
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