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fire season

It's been a while and I have new stuff to post, but posting this really quick sketch first. Its been the worst fire season on record here, and while I've been fortunate to avoid the fires so far, for many people here in Australia it has been devastating. So happy new year to all my friends here on dA and to my fellow Aussies, stay safe!

Pencil doodle, colour in photoshop.
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And we're going through it again, but Nature seems to be on a rampage in the Western U.S. Heard that fire was heading towards the suburbs of Portland, Oregon now. Maybe get those fools protesting, rioting and fighting each other out on the lines instead.

Glad I live on the Great Plains where they do controlled burns in the spring.

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2020 hasn't been a good year has it. I saw the youtube footage of San Francisco all red and set to the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack... looked very dystopian!

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And all those methane pit explosions in Siberia from the climate change? Mother Nature is being a bitch in return to what we're doing to Her.

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Most excellent work! 

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We were one of the lucky families with the Gosper Mountain-Lithgow fires, horrifying to witness.
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Terrible but I'm glad you were safe!
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Thanks Dave; all we have to worry about now is the toilet paper crisis, lol.:fear:

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Thanks for that my friend. Like Allan Jones said, the word 'climate change' was used over 200, 000 times within a month. The planet has been doing this for millions of years; they thrash the threat of carbon emissions, and who's to blame for the fires in the 1st place. No one is looking at the bigger picture. Here's a Community Strategic Plan for 2035 for the Blue Mountain region,

Here's 2 pics where the fires went through. Trust me my friend, Katoomba with become the new Parramatta.

Bushfires 2019-2020

That's how I saw Dave's pic, save the koalas?, can't have new infrastructure with koalas in the way, people are now forced to far away rural areas because of the cost of housing and living expenses. Basically, kick out the crap, then the people who can afford it can live the luxurious future that Katoomba will have to offer.

...And a story on SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride).

This makes carbon dioxide look like a skin rash.

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Don't forget to let the one who made the article I linked know that too.

BTW, this adds to it:…

Nails it, doesn't it?
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Pretty much my friend; what nature does is morphed into climate change through political correction. The funny thing is, when was the last time you saw that much concern on "Climate Change" now that we have COVID-19? This virus is going to be a new stepping stone for government profit, the money they will make from fines for unnecessary movement in public, and as for the govt' funding, got to pay it back eventually. The banks will be wanting their mortgage payments after the so called relief packages. Big businesses will kill small businesses, and don't forget the new Badgerys Creek airport that's underway, this will make it easier for new roads to the outer west regions such as Dubbo, Orange, and so on (save having to get imported goods from Botany to the outer west when you can do it from Badgerys Creek). Lithgow is a tiny town at the moment; talking with the former Mayor, Maree Statham, about me designing a poster for Halloween (in my gallery); as we were talking, she gave me a heads up on future development in Lithgow (seeing it now). With the completion of housing development in the Littleton region, there are plans for the South Bowenfels (empty back paddocks) with eventually have new housing by 2028-30. At the bottom end of Bowenfels at the moment is govt' housing; anyone who decides to buy land will not want to wake up with a view of govt' housing. She said, and I quote, "With housing tenants of poor quality and behaviour that is a threat or disruption to the general public are out." It's been happening here since, but the people who live there don't care for the law, and wonder why they have to move out (even when I explained it to some of them what I was told). Can't put brains into statues I guess.

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Thank you for drawing this.

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sadness for all, even those outside of your beautiful country. BE SAFE to you also.
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Terrible situation :(
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A terrible situation you lived in Australia... But maybe you remember Tony Abbott's words about global warming: "In Australia, the floods are no worse, the forest fires are no worse,..." Current events prove that he was right, wasn't he ? (what's the opinion of your current Prime Minister, by the way ?). Sad, but I think you'll still be led to draw these kinds of drawings in the (near?) future.

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I'm happy you are save. It is a horror to see on the TV. Let's hope the rain keeps on falling.

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But not too much. Which is what usually happens after the worst bushfires in Australia, then they always gets dust storms and massive floods in different places.
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