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Monster Mash Month, illustration 6: Lon Chaney Jr as the man/monster most likely to moult all over your furniture, chew your slippers and chase your mailman - from the 1941 movie The Wolfman.
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No noe can do the Wolfman better than Lon Chaney jr.! Maybe Benecio Del Toro but Lon immortalized him.

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And does it handle fleas, too?

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Good question... I'd have to ask the Wolfman!

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"I saw a werewolf drinkin' a piña colada at Trader Vic's

His hair was perfect*


Werewolves of London..."

- Warren Zevon.

* I dig the the crazy high mullet of hair this guy has.

This is great, Loopydave!:)

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Thank man... and its a cool and fun song that!

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"Little old lady got mutilated late last night--Werewolves of London, again." --Warren Zevon.

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:D I'm sure it will come as no surprise to hear that I sang that song a few times in my head when I was painting this :D

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I was certain that it's part of your repertoire! ;)

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Beautifully painted, as always!

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Thank you most kindly!

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You're very welcome!

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I knew the guy, I think his name was Hairy Furlow and had a small hairdresser shop right next to the entrance to Howl's Moving Castle. He tragically passed away when he couldn't cough out a hairball he was nursing in his throat for some time.

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:D Its a little known fact that more werewolves die from choking incidents with hairballs than do by lynch mobs or angry chicken farmers.

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Well... guess it puts hair on your chest ;)

Excellent work matey - always sterling - love the aura on the hair :)

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I'm pretty sure it puts hair everywhere :D

Cheers my friend!

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Haha, awesome! I love the Wolfman, and Lon Chaney Jr. was the best. Great nod to Warren Zevon too! 😁

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Thanks! I'm sure it will come as no surprise to hear that I did a fair big of singing Werewolves of london in my head while I painted this :D

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a monster of a man

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A very hairy one! :D

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Don't forget about Tom Cruise from that first highly successful Dark Universe movie series. Still waiting on the second one, I'm sure it will be out by next decade.

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I was always more partial to the Michael J Fox take on the wolfman myself :D

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