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Van Gogh ... again

8 years (has it been THAT long???) ago I painted a Vincent Van Gogh  Van Gogh by Loopydave .. 'bout time I did another! Done as part of a chapter on caricatures for 21Draw
Pencil then painted in photoshop.
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Nearlly did this myself whilst giving myself a covid cut.

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Your covid cut was almost a Van Gogh cut! :D

I had a pair of clippers and got it nice and neat. We had a spell of warm weather, too much time on my hands, a razor and an idea, a bad combination. My ear is still there, well both of them actually, but there was more blood than I would have liked. Now, arctic air has brought us snow. My ears are blue as is my language.

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I have a suspicion that Covid was responsible for a lot of bad ideas that involved hair and sharp cutting objects - it certainly was for me anyway :D Avoided the blood letting myself and have been fortunate with more temperate weather so no Smurf ears for me! :D

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I like how you can almost interpret his expression as being a bit judgey of the scissors for "missing". Love the texture technique you used, it came out beautifully.

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Most awesomely hysterical in the best of meanings, both of them!!! You clever you!
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Thank you most kindly!
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very well done sir!
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Thanks ADE-doodles!
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Oh my dear... what is happening in the space between your two ears :-)

The idea behind the older pic is hilarious as well *chuckles*

I admire the textures in this one, they seem to be so hard to do in digital media to me.

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The trick to expanding the space between your ears is to cut one off and then the space is infinite ;) :D

The paint 'feel' was fun to recreate... I even painted little highlights on some of the strokes to make if look like wet oils 

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He must have conjured up the idea of the snipping tool.
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Probably between painting big swirly things!
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it's been about 3 years since I have been on here and almost 2 since I got back into drawing again. Hopefully you remember me still, Always would leave a pun on your paintings back in the day, haha. I've been gone but éar' I am. I've got of your pieces to get through haha
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Of course I remember you... I have in fact been missing you around these parts, so its great to have you back!
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Thank you. I have been drawing quite a bit, been learning copics and really loving them, I am also taking part in Inktober. Do you have an Instagram?
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excellent. I'll follow, mine is Hulk_Hoggle
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Excellent work! Love the brush textures!
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:laughing: Really great idea. :)

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